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Find the Perfect Present For the Booklover

by Ophelia Gartside

Finding the perfect Christmas gift amidst the vast array of books that are in existence often presents a challenge.

Choosing the best Christmas books is an almost impossible task when there are so many books to choose from. So, in order to create a list of recommendations, we came up with a couple of rules that are slightly different from last year’s (when we insisted on hardback books with ribbon markers).

Rule #1: it has to have been published this year (caveat: it could be a new edition).
Rule #2: it has to be a book that could transcend generations, a book that could be shared. With those guidelines here are Little English Bookworm’s Books that are Desirable Number Ones for Christmas, but don’t forget
Rule #3: inscribe your gift and make it extra special.

For children of all ages


By John Lennon and Jean Jullien

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books – September 2017

Join one little pigeon on her mission to spread the word of peace around the world. Set to the lyrics of the iconic song Imagine, this book brings John Lennon’s enduring message of peace and tolerance to a new generation. A royalty from every copy sold will go to the charity Amnesty International. 

An absolutely beautiful book that will pull at your heart strings, and the perfect message of hope for every generation.

For biology enthusiasts


By Kate Davies

Published by Wide Eyed Editions – October 2017

An anatomy lesson like no other! Look inside the human body with the magic three-colour lens, and x-ray from head to toe to discover how your body works. Use the red lens to reveal the skeleton, the green to see the muscles working, and x-ray your organs with the blue lens to find out what they do day and night to keep you alive. Uncover the secrets of  the human body and explore how its different systems work in this stunning follow up to the internationally best-selling Illuminature. Jam-packed with detailed illustrations and full of facts and information, this innovative encyclopedia from Milan-based design duo Carnovsky will make you see the human body in a whole new light.

Slightly gory, but utterly amazing. How do they create this amazing book? Definitely one to all gasp at!

For those looking for an old fashioned children’s adventure

The Polar Bear Explorers Club

By Alex Bell

Published by Faber & Faber – November 2017

It sounded like a respectable and worthy enough death for an explorer – tumbling from an ice bridge to be impaled upon a mammoth tusk – but Stella really, really didn’t want that to happen, just the same.

Join Stella Starflake Pearl and her three fellow explorers as they trek across the snowy Icelands and come face-to-face with frost fairies, snow queens, outlaw hideouts, unicorns, pygmy dinosaurs and carnivorous cabbages . . .

When Stella and three other junior explorers get separated from their expedition, can they cross the frozen wilderness and live to tell the tale?

Just the sort of book that is perfect to curl up with inside, on a cold wintry day (specifically with a mug of hot chocolate) and to pretend that you yourself are out in the snowy wilderness having all sorts of adventures. Who knows, after reading this, you might go out and do a bit of exploring too.

For classics enthusiasts

A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

Published by Vintage Penguin Classics – November 2017

The gorgeous design and black edge painting make this the perfect book for a classic, or Christmas, enthusiast and beautiful addition to any bookshelf and why this re-edition of a classic tale have to be on our Christmas list:

Bah!’ said Scrooge, ‘Humbug!’

Ebenezer Scrooge is unimpressed by Christmas. He has no time for festivities or goodwill toward his fellow men and is only interested in money. Then, on the night of Christmas Eve, his life is changed by a series of ghostly visitations that show him some bitter truths about his choices. A Christmas Carol is Dickens’ most influential book and a funny, clever and hugely enjoyable story.

For economists

Talking To My Daughter About The Economy

By Yanis Varoufakis

Published by Penguin – October 2017

Yanis Varoufakis, the bestselling author of Adults in the Room, uses personal stories and famous myths to explain what economics is and why it has the power to change our world.

Why is there so much inequality? In this intimate and accessible book, world famous economist Yanis Varoufakis sets out to answer his daughter Xenia’s deceptively simple question. Drawing on memories of her childhood and a variety of well-known tales – from Oedipus and Faust to Frankenstein and The Matrix — Talking To My Daughter About the Economy explains everything you need to know in order to understand why economics is the most important drama of our times. It is a book that helps to make sense of a troubling world while inspiring us to make it a better one.

A marvelous gift for the crazy politician of the family, and one that’s approachable and debatable for the other family members too. If you’re looking for a side of debate with your turkey at your Christmas dinner, then this is the perfect book.

All of these titles and many other wonderful books are available on www.littleenglishbookworm.com


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