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Christmas Guide: Gifts for Him

by Sarah Clinger

Do you have trouble finding the perfect gift for your brother, significant other, father, or even grandpa? We are here to help you find the perfect gift for him! We have provided a list of gift recommendations ranging from 10 EUR to a few hundred EUR. Whatever you decide to get your man, you can always add your own personal touch to make things more meaningful. 

Game or Concert Tickets 

Most men love going to sporting events or concerts their favorite artists are putting on, why not get him tickets for Christmas? All sporting events and concerts are priced differently, seats at the front will obviously be more expensive than seats further away. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, a good range for sporting tickets and concerts is anywhere from €50 to €300. 

If you are having trouble finding what teams or musicians he is into, there are a few ways to get around this. You can inquire discreetly by asking one of his friends, asking him to make a playlist for you, or bringing up sports while having dinner. There are so many ways to find out his favorite teams or artists without having to ask. To look for upcoming sporting events and concerts in Europe, this can be a great place to start. 

Beer Subscription 

If the man you’re buying a gift for is of age and loves beer, a beer subscription can be the perfect gift for him! Saveur Bière is a European company offering monthly subscriptions starting at €60 for 3 months! The company handpicks top-rated international beers and ships them directly to your doorstep. For more information on prices, different subscriptions, and the company itself, click here.

Massage Gun

If your man finds himself at the gym or working out frequently, a massage gun will brighten his mood this holiday season. Massage guns are used to loosen up tight muscles, relieve stress, and increases mobility. A good thing about this gift is that you can choose to use it on each other, not only will you feel amazing, your mood will get better after using the massage gun. You can find massage guns on Amazon, some local spas and gyms might even sell them as well. Most of the Massage guns range from €50 to €300 depending on how strong they are and the accessories it comes with. We recommend this one

Tile or Apple AirTag

If you are shopping for someone who tends to lose things easily, we recommend getting him a Tile or Apple AirTag. Both of these small devises work as tracking devises for your personal belongings such as wallets, keys, and even bags. Apple AirTag connects to your iPhone and tells you where your tag is at all times, you can ping your wallet, or simply check its location on the app. These devises start at just €25 for a single tag. For more information about the AirTag click here

The Tile is the original tracking device, it does not require an iPhone, and may be easier to operate for older individuals. These devices work similar to the AirTags and can be cheaper than Apple’s version. For more information on prices and the different Tiles, click here.

Personalized Phone, AirPods, or Computer cases

If you’re looking to get your man something more personal this Christmas, try making him a personalized case for one of his electronic devises. These days you can personalize just about anything, our recommendation is to use Etsy, a website for local and small artists. Buying products off of here can support their business more than you think, specially around the holiday season. We also recommend getting real or faux leather cases with his name, initials, or monogram engraved into the case! For inspiration, click here

Cooking Appliances

If you have a man who loves to cook, hold onto him tight and consider getting him a new appliance this holiday season! Today, various cooking appliances exist such as waffle makers, pizza makers, quesadilla makers, air fryers, sandwich makers, popcorn makers, cotton candy machines, or you can buy him something simple like a new set of knifes. One of these appliances can make cooking easier, and it might even save both of you money by not eating out as often!


Everyone loves to smell nice, so why not buy your man a gift to make him smell good. The good thing about this option is that by picking it out, you can decide what you want him to smell like. A good place to shop for men’s cologne is Sephora. Even though Sephora is known to be a store for makeup and women, they do have a great and usually cheaper selection of high-end colognes for men. You can check out their selection and prices online by clicking here

Personalized Cuff Links

Everyone, no matter their gender, dresses up on occasion. Personalized cuff links can be the perfect accessory for your man that he can wear with any suit, and he will definitely remember the thought and effort you put into the gift! We recommend using this website, as they have a wide variety of options, colors, and prices which are anywhere from €50 to €300. This gift would be perfect for your dad, grandpa, and even your significant other if they are required to dress up for work often. 

Golf Trip or Membership

A lot of men, including my father and grandpa, love to go golfing. Even though it is winter and most golf courses are closed, you can give your man something to look forward to by giving him a membership or planning a trip! Our recommendation is to look up local golf courses, get his friends in on it, and plan a whole men’s outing. He will appreciate you putting in all the work, and he may even ask you to come along. Here’s our Guide to Golfing in Luxembourg to get you started!

Let us know if you have any other suggestions, as we all know, men can be tricky to shop for!

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