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The First Digital Shopping Mall in Luxembourg is now live!

by Lucy Greaney

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for all, but SCROBLE is helping local fashion retail throughout Luxembourg with a new digital platform.

What is SCROBLE?

Scroble is a Retail Tech startup that works to unite online and offline retailers in Luxembourg. It began with the mission and vision of consolidating the local fashion scene, and guiding the user’s search for fashion. Scroble provides a platform for users, businesses, stylists and shopping assistants to become a gathered community.

Fashion and Retail in Lockdown

When the city of Luxembourg went into lockdown, there were many facets of the economy that took a major hit. The industries of fashion and retail are the first to suffer this hit. Spring is the season of shopping, when the female population thrives on the cheerful spring displays of local fashion. With the population being put under a strict lockdown, Scroble understood this pain and wanted to jump on a solution.

Well, we at Scroble have been asked for help, and… decided that no pandemic should get in the way of spring, life enjoyment and fashion.

Director Anna Salewski

Thanks to the dedicated team at Scroble, shopping and fashion is back on for the Spring! Scroble created an online platform, https://www.scroble.lu/. Where users and businesses have access to selling and buying information during lockdown. Some stores are offering delivery services, and some are even open for shopping. All of the information regarding local retail fashion can be found with a few clicks around their website.

Here to Stay

The team at Scroble has created a great platform for shoppers and sellers during this pandemic, but that won’t be the end of the road. Scroble is here to stay for the long-haul. When the social distancing ends, this digital mall will provide a constant portal to the local fashion of Luxembourg.

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