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Thrift Shopping in Luxembourg City

by Hannah Sroka

While Luxembourg City isn’t exactly known for cheap places to shop, thrift stores are becoming more and more popular! These are great places to find relatively inexpensive clothes and help the environment in the process. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Trouvailles

Trouvailles is French for “happy finds” or “bargains”, and that’s certainly what you can expect from this store! Trouvailles is located right by the train station, meaning it’s incredibly convenient to get to. Here, you can find shirts for as low as €1, pants and skirts for as low as €3, shoes for as low as €8, and coats for as low as €13. Trouvailles has a lot of great brands and clothes for all ages!

2. Pilea

Not only is Pilea a second-hand shop, it’s also a cafe! Pilea’s founder, Laure, has always wanted to operate an environmentally friendly business, so Pilea strives to be as green as possible. The store itself sports a decent collection of brands and isn’t too far from the train station. You can find plants here as well, and all of the cakes offered in the cafe are vegan!

3. First & Second Hand Concept

Looking for a nice handbag or purse? First & Second Hand Concept is the place for you! Even if you’re just looking for some clothes, this store has everything from dresses to shoes. It’s got a pretty good amount of designer brands, so some of its products may be relatively expensive, but still a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay in-store! There are also plenty of cheaper finds, and a section for men too!

4. Simple Shopping

If you’re trying to sell some clothes in addition to find new (or old) ones, Simple Shopping might be worth checking out! They buy old clothes in good condition and sell things like jewelry, scarves, and wigs. If you’re in the mood for something different, give Simple Shopping a visit! You can find them on Rue de Hollerich.

5. Pardon My Closet

Pardon My Closet often has pop-up stores in Cloche d’Or and Galleries Lafayette, but you can also shop online anytime! This store is women-founded and aims to combat the negative environmental effects of fast fashion. They’ve got a decent variety of brands as well, including multiple designer ones. Try to catch one of their pop-ups if you can!

These are just a few examples of some great thrift stores in Luxembourg. What are your favorite places to shop second-hand? Let us know in the comments!

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