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Tune Alert: New year, new music

by Bartek Brzezinski

As we enter the chilly month of January, new sounds start slowly emerging. An acoustic anthem, an electronic confession, and a sad farewell. Here’s a small preview of what 2017 will bring to us in music.


Ed Sheeran “Shape of You”

This playful track, deriving its influence from a mix of acoustic sounds and tropical house effects, is a preview of Ed Sheeran’s next album, entitled “÷”. Originally planned to be written for Rihanna, it was eventually kept by Sheeran who stated that its lyrics didn’t quite fit the style of the Barbadian singer. As I belong to this group of Ed’s fans who think “Love Yourself” should have been performed by himself, instead of Justin Bieber, I have nothing to complain about. Even though I have never pictured Ed Sheeran swaying to the rhythm of exotic trees, which is an image that pops into my head every time I listen to this song.

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The xx “On Hold”

Promoting the double xs new album “I See You”, due out this month, “On Hold” represents a shift in the band’s sound into slightly warmer areas of bright, dreamy synths and cheerful rhythms. The sun-soaked video, which was shot in Marfa, Texas, one of the places where the new material was recorded, contributes to this warm, fuzzy sensation of a dry and cloudless summer evening, somewhere in the middle of a desert. What remains thankfully unchanged are the singers’ voices, as always full of yearning, nostalgia and some very calm, very pristine energy.

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David Bowie “No Plan”

Even though it’s already been a year since David Bowie’s untimely departure, listening to his songs, especially these new ones, is still an emotional experience. This month has brought us a new, perhaps not the last one, instalment of the Earth’s most beloved Spaceman’s farewell. A four-track Extended Play, entitled “No Plan”. In addition to “Lazarus”, it includes three songs recorded during Bowie’s last album’s sessions which didn’t make it to the final cut. “Here, there’s no music here. I’m lost in streams of sound. Here, am I nowhere now?”, declare the opening lines of the title track. Followed by the sounds of a weeping saxophone, they stay in the mind of the listener like no other song in Bowie’s career.

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Featured photo: Sai Kiran Anagani/unsplash


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