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How to Beat the Winter Blues

by Meredith Moss
Grey weather

What a #blessed year 2020 has been! Suddenly we have curfews and it isn’t because we boarded the Back To The Future DeLorian time machine and are now awkward teens. We aren’t all doomed, we are just tired and anxious from the longest year of our lives.

If you moved to Luxembourg for it’s sunny disposition, then you might be a product of the American educational system and lack actual geography skills but even with the simply gorgeous autumn we have had thus far, it’s hard to be positive. Global warming is a rather negative subject BUT Luxembourg is one of the few countries who will benefit from global warming in terms of increased sunlight hours so that’s your silver lining!

However, nothing could have prepared you for the tumultuous political disaster that has taken place both across the pond and in the UK. Watching in real time the downfall of democracy has taken it’s toll on all of us. Even if you aren’t American, the world can’t help but feel the stress of four years of Donald Trump.

Bottom line: Winter in Lux is bleak. The bias towards gloominess is real. Not only is it simply part of being human, it is especially part of living in Northern Europe. You need to accept that the dreary weather is here, but it doesn’t mean you need to stay on your couch for the next 6 months. Besides- Christmas is coming so there is currently light at the end of the tunnel….and hopefully presents.

1- Fresh Air

Bundle up and get some fresh air. Go for a walk. Take a hike. For recommended rambles, see anything that’s been written by our rambling guru, Laurent. You don’t even have to leave the city for this one. Try making a point to move your arse, put down your phone and step away from screens. Fresh air reduces stress and depression and improves the quality of sleep. It also will give you plenty of time to

2- Prescription fish oil or a high level of Vitamin D

Not the wimpy over the counter stuff- we are in Northern Europe, you need the real deal. Ask your doctor to give you the good stuff.

3- Light therapy

Buy a lamp for your desk, your home, and wherever else you need it.

4- Meditation and yoga

Get out of your head for a bit and everything doesn’t seem so very dismal. Jivamukti or Yogaloft are two of our very favourites in Luxembourg.

5- Spa Time

Look to the Swedes, Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Fins, Turks etc. and follow suit. Call on Spa Escape to sort you out with a deep tissue or warm butter coconut treatment. Yes, please.

6- Turn off the screen

Cold weather often means we spend more time indoors, and that tempts us to Netflix, but if you are honest with yourself, you’ve probably finished Netflix in its entirety. Too much screen time diminishes mood, builds fatigue and makes it hard to focus on getting yourself to a better place. Read a book for escape, instead. It’s quiet and doesn’t require you to look at women with abnormally low B.M.I.

7- Hot Yoga

Intense/ chicken fryer level heat means you will forget it is freezing outside and moving your body through yoga poses mean a win/win. Our favourite hot yoga, is hands down hotbox in Strassen.

8- Book a trip to somewhere warm

Maybe you need something on your calendar to look forward to? At the moment of publishing, Spain isn’t great in terms of lockdown but the Canary Islands are doing a-ok! As is Greece! After lockdown, once the planes started flying, I packed up my family and we were on the first trip out of Luxembourg that landed in the Algarve. We conducted homeschool from the beach and it was the lifeguards and my kids. No one else. It was actually a dream come true and one we will never forget. Book a trip to anywhere that is known for sun rays and isn’t currently locked down or requires you quarantine- bc no thanks. If you were to look at my internet search history, you would find a whole lot of maniacal ‘Where is it hottest in the world during February?’ What can I say? I struggle with making it to the shortest month of the year and need some respite!

8- Call a professional.

What? You think you can get through this time without speaking to someone? Well, congrats but be sure to keep your Super Girl suit on throughout 2021! One of the most common conversations you will have in Southern California with anyone begins with ‘My therapist says…’ Happy people live in Southern California. Maybe it isn’t just the sun. Don’t have time to find a therapist? 1 million people have been helped by TalkSpace. Talkspace means you can connect with a licensed therapist anytime. You know what Californians do have, though that we don’t? TRUMP. So let that warm your heart with gratitude…and then call a therapist.

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