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Check the Forecast?! Grim. Here are 5 Indoor Climbing Walls to Choose from!

by City Savvy Luxembourg

When looking at the rainy forecast this weekend, do you feel like scaling your own walls? Would you prefer to be dangling from a rock wall hanging only by  tiny harness than wrestling with an umbrella? Adrenalin junkie? In need of exercise or somewhere to exhaust your kids so Santa won’t skip their house due to grinch-like behaviour? No matter what your situation, now might be the perfect time to test out five indoor walls in and around the Duchy. No actual mountains necessary.

If you are taking your littles: For the love of all that is holy, please dress them in proper sports gear. This means actual trainers and clothes they can move in. Same goes for you: don’t be the Euro wearing jeans. The goal is exercise and movement and the benefit just might be finding a new hobby!

Coque mur d’escalade

Le Coque offers an annual membership for the most committed children and adults who are obsessed with climbing.  This very popular climbing wall for adults and children has a maximum height of 13.5m with difficulty levels of 3 to 9 and a total climbing space of 690m squared with 150 different climbing routes. The team of professionals in charge of the wall frequently change the structure of the lanes to allow regular climbers to experience different ascents and learn various techniques.

Family rate: 35 euros for max 4 people
Children’s courses: (10 sessions)150-180 euros
Single visit: 9 euros per child, 14 euros adults
Equipment at an additional charge

L’escale Arlon

In nearby Arlon, you will find a fabulous climbing gym made up of over 1000 meters of climbing surface. There is also a huge block room (650 meters) with a great atmosphere. For the smaller kids, there is are areas where harnesses are not needed and you won’t be permanently scaring them and starring in their nightmares as it is rather tame. Under 5s get free entry so a good place to check out if your child enjoys climbing but is too young for the harness.

Single visit: 5,50 euros per child, 9 euros per adult
Card with 10 entries: 75 euros
Harness, shoes etc: 1,50 to 2,50 euros
The hours vary daily but the weekends are open 10 am to 8 pm


The 14m high indoor climbing wall at Echternach Youth Hostel also features a boulder area. Climbing not your ‘thang’ but the kids and partner like it? Then be a jolly spectator, grab your seat at the bar which overlooks the climbing wall. Can you say win/win?!

Free climbing: 3,50 per child, 5,00 euros members and 6,00 euros adults.
10 entries: 54 euros adults, 31,50 euros per child.
Harness and security devices: 1,50 euros each.
Climbing initiation course (including equipment): 15,00 euros adults, 10,00 euros per child

D-Summit, Dudelange

This place offers climbing for every age and level.

For the seasoned climber, D-Summit offers an overhang which protrudes up to 6m. There are 31 anchors and there are more than 60 routes on all levels which means space for everyone. This climbing wall is actually part of the Centre Sportif René Hartmann.

Single visit: 9 euros per adult, 6 euros per child
10 entries: 81 euros per adult, 54 euros per child
Shoes and security harness: 3 euros
Open 7 days a week
Courses available for different age groups each semester

The Cube, Trier

This place is enormous. It offers 150 different routes to scale and also includes 135 boulders to climb. It is open daily and offers classes for children and adult beginners.

Single visit: 13,00 euros adults, 9 euros per child
Family ticket (up to 3 children/adolescents): 35 euros (25 euros happy hour)
Monthly and annual tickets available at discounts

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