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S.d.S. Sport-Wochen- Summer Program

by Brynn Pierce

Being optimistic about Covid this Summer, the the City’s Service Sports has organized a Summer sports program for ages 11-17. There are several options in Luxembourg and abroad! Keep reading to see if this is the perfect opportunity for yours kids!

The Summer program includes 2 different options for different ages. The “Mini Sport-Wochen” for ages 11-12 and “Sport-Wochen” for ages 13-17. There are a variety of options to chose from to make sure the program is the perfect fit for your family. You can choose between a 4 and 7 day program, overnight or just day, abroad or in Luxembourg.

The program will allow kids to try new sports, meet new friends and have new incredible opportunities! The program will pay special attention to healthy lifestyle choices.

For ages 11-12 courses include “Mini Multisports“, “Mini Multisports Nautiques” and “Mini Sailing” (Netherlands) and “Mini Maxi-Sports“. For ages 13-17 the options are  rock climbingmountain bikinghorse ridingmartial artswater sportsmultisportswake-boarding, “Dance Arts” and “Sportsfun on wheels“. If possible, there will be options in Como, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria. There are also lots of options for children with special needs.

After another school year spent in and out of lock-down, this program is the perfect way to get your kids up and moving and trying new things! For more on registration, dates, prices and Covid restrictions, continue reading here!

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