LUX WMN Goes Digital!

04 July 2023

Since the launch of LUX WMN Magazine in 2019, we have created 6 beautiful print issues and we couldn’t be prouder of each & every one of them. The goal of LUX WMN Magazine is simple… share the inspirational and motivational stories of women in Luxembourg and beyond…

To this day, women continue to be vastly underrepresented in the media so as a female founded & female led magazine, we continue to be passionate about creating a platform for women’s voices & stories everywhere.

With every issue that passed, we were overwhelmed with the amount of women who reached out asking to be featured in the upcoming issues. Being financially restricted to just two issues per year meant that we were having to limit the amount of stories we could share, plus we didn’t have the “woman power” to spotlight all of the stories. On top of that, we were seeing an increased demand in digital media as opposed to traditional print, so we were faced with a big decision on what the future of LUX WMN Magazine looked like. 

Our answer? Go digital! 

As exciting as this decision was, it was also pretty scary. But after many meetings, google spreadsheets, phone calls and just a few breakdowns along the way – we’re finally ready to launch!

LUX WMN Magazine will be full of inspiring content uploaded everyday as well as sharing the stories of women around the world as they happen! To make sure you don’t miss a thing, you can sign up for our mailing list, as we will be sending a weekly roundup newsletter – plus updates about our LUX WMN Club networking breakfasts and events!

We would be nowhere without our community and since the beginning, LUX WMN Magazine has always been your voices, your stories & your magazine – now 100% digital!

Dominika Montonen Koivisto