Luxembourg Jewelry Shops

19 February 2024

Looking for hidden gems in Luxembourg? Here is our list of local jewelry shops to find the perfect piece for you!


Luxor delivers quality products from renowned manufacturers. They provide their customers with a wide range of precious metals, such as gold and silver bars, and gold coins. These gold coins hold so much historical significance from all over the world, and these one of a kind finds are a popular sell. Their huge selection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces appeals to the all around jewelry lover. It is easy to find some affordable earring and bracelet options here that will leave people asking where you got such extravagant jewelry from.

Address: 3, Rue des Capucins, L-1313 Luxembourg

Contact:, +352 691 26 22 86


Limpach has a vast range of brands it sells from very affordable prices to high end, one of a kind pieces. Limpach has jewelry and watch options for everyone and has been working for the past 45 years to offer all customers choices, advice, and great service right here in Luxembourg. Jewelry is also made on site in their workshop with the choice of customization. Quality is key here, and not only does their jewelry look good, but it feels good too.

Address: 1 Rue Théodore Eberhard, L-1451 Luxembourg

Contact:, +352 44 47 34


This sustainable jewelry store that is one of a kind is perfect for jewelry fanatics who love some custom design. Astartelux creates beautiful jewelry with ethically sourced stones. They also use recycled gold and silver and have responsible packing & delivery. Be environmentally friendly and fashionable when wearing their pieces. You can even personalize pieces with engraving and hot stamping for extra detail. Be empowered in the founder’s creations as he captures the charm and heritage of ancient designs and techniques to create specialty jewelry today. 

Address: 11, Rue Evrard Ketten L-1856 Luxembourg

Contact:, +352661686891

Fabienne Belnou

Fabienne Belnou is named after the woman who created this luxury jewelry brand in Luxembourg. While traditional, her pieces have so much creativity which is why her customers are so loyal and keep coming back. Check out this shop where you can see the production workshop through a glass staircase that leads there. Whether you are looking for a unique new piece of jewelry made for your desires or an updated version of a family heirloom, Fabienne will work her magic to deliver all that you had in mind and more.

Address: 5, Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, L-1728 Luxembourg 

Contact: +352 22 18 40 1

Bijouterie LÉA

If you love pearls, specifically ones from Tahiti, run to Bijouterie LÉA for Tahitian pearls designed with fine stones and various colors. Here you can also bring in your own jewelry to be repaired or transformed since they provide tailor-made services as well. This work is adapted to the style, spirit, and budget of each individual. There is flexibility in designs as creations can be personalized. So stop by to view these timeless jewel and pearls collections and find or refine the perfect piece for you. 

Address: 13 Rue des Bains, L-1212 Luxembourg

Contact:, +352 26 10 37 30