Luxembourg Pride Week 2021

Celebrate pride with a fun, educational, COVID-safe week of festivities!
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01 July 2021

Luxembourg’s Pride Week will be held from July 3 until July 11 in Esch-sur-Alzette!

Luxembourg Pride has been organizing pride week every year since 1999. It started as a small gathering at the Place du Théâtre in Luxembourg City, and it was meant to raise awareness about the LGBT community. As the years went on, it changed its location to Esch, welcomed more and more visitors (they topped 5000 in 2016!), and changed its brand from Gaymat to Luxembourg Pride. In the coming years, it hopes to combat discrimination everywhere and further promote tolerance. While the 2020 festival had to be virtual, the 2021 festival is in full swing!

While the official start date of Pride Week is July 3, the commencement ceremony will be held on July 5! Head over to the Museum of the Resistance (at the Place de la Résistance) to honor those who have been victims of hatred and crimes. Next, July 6 is queer movie night! Stop by Kulturfabrik (116 rue de Luxembourg) for a series of movies that tell LGBT stories and history.

On July 7, catch Diva Storytelling with Séraphine! She’ll be telling classic stories like Romeo & Juliet and Grimm’s Fairytales, but with an LGBT twist! This event will be held at Esch’s public library, and seats limited. Then, July 8 will be a panel discussion about LGBT-related issues. This would be a great way to gain some insight into the modern-day LGBT community, educate yourself, and meet new people in a more formal setting. This event will be held at Kulturfabrik as well!

Finally, Pride Week concludes with a pride show on July 10 and 11! It’ll be held at Wicki Beach. Traditionally, Pride Week ends with Street Fest, but with current COVID-19 restrictions, it’s impossible to have one this year. Instead, Street Fest is replaced with Pride Show, which will mix stage programs with new elements. It’s a great way to relax after a week of discussing heavy issues. Up to 300 people are able to attend, and tickets are 15€ (but you’ll be refunded that amount as a beverage voucher!). The event will also be live streamed! For more information, or to book your seat, click here.

We’re really looking forward to Pride Week 2021, and we hope you are as well!