Luxembourg Traditions: July 2023

Luxembourgish traditions take a bit of break during July as Luxembourg residents are beginning to relax in the warm temperatures! So here are 3 Patron Saints that have their name days this month.
06 July 2023

History of Name Days

Name days are a tradition celebrated in many cultures around the world. They are special days dedicated to the celebration of a specific given name or names. Unlike birthdays, which are based on an individual’s date of birth, name days are associated with the feast day of a particular saint or religious figure.

The practice of name days has its roots in Christian traditions and is particularly prominent in countries with a strong Catholic or Orthodox Christian influence. The origins can be traced back to the early Christian era when parents would name their children after saints in the hope of seeking their protection and guidance throughout life.

In many countries, each day of the year is associated with one or more specific names. For example, in some European countries like Greece, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, name days hold significant importance and are celebrated with festivities, gifts, and well-wishes. It is common for individuals to be congratulated by family, friends, and colleagues on their name day, often with cards, flowers, or small presents.

In some cultures, the celebration of name days can be more prominent than birthdays. It is seen as an opportunity to honor one’s name, heritage, and the associated saint. It also serves as a chance for family and friends to come together and celebrate, often enjoying special meals, gatherings, or parties.

It is worth noting that the names associated with specific name days may vary from country to country or even regionally within a country. Some name day calendars follow religious traditions, while others have evolved to include secular or national figures. Additionally, the popularity and importance of name days can differ across cultures, with some places giving them more significance than others.

Here are a few of Luxembourg’s name days in the month of July!!

3 of Luxembourg’s July Name Days

1 July: “Den hellegen Theobald”

Theobald was born in the Champagne region of France in 1033 as a son of a Count. He left France and came with his friend, Gauthier, to Luxembourg where they both lived in Pëtten, near Mersch, as hermits. When people discovered who they were they continued their journey to Spain, to Santiago de Compostela, and further on to Rome. Theobold is considered the patron saint of the shoemakers. To spot a statue of Theobold in Luxembourg head to the chapel called “Eenelter Kapell” in Rëcken near Mersch.

20 July: “Margréidendag”

Margréid is the Luxembourgish version of the name Marguerite. She is considered the weather patron saint and the legend in Luxembourg says “Wann et op Margréidendag reent da ginn d’Nëss falsch” meaning; “If it is raining on Madelein’s day, the nuts will be wrong”.

In Luxembourg there are two types of daisies called Margréidercher. They are traditionally white with a yellow center, but sometimes the petals are brightly colored! Purple is also common, but the main difference between the two daisies is the look of the petals.

22 July: “D’Muedeléin”

Muedeléin is the Luxembourgish version of the name Madeleine. She is, among others, the patron saint of women, gardeners, hairdressers, perfume makers and glove makers. In Luxembourg there is even a town named after her, “Lamadelaine” (Rolleng in Luxembourgish) and you can find a statue of her above the entrance of the church of Lamadelaine.