Luxembourg Traditions: March 2022

March is traditionally carnival time in Luxembourg and that means an excuse to dress up and express your love through food. Intrigued?
01 March 2022

Fuesend – Luxembourg Carnival (February & March)

In Luxembourg when people refer to carnival, it is not a single event but a whole period of time during which the country is awash with masked balls (Fuesbaler) and processions through the streets. Revellers dress in costume for these occasions creating massive street parties. Some of the larger processions, known as Kavalkaden attract up to 25,000 people who join in the carnival fun. Costumes are for sale in local supermarkets and often Luxembourgers make great preparation for these events with elaborate well-thought-out costumes.

Bretzelsonndeg – Pretzel Sunday (Sunday 27 March)

During Lent, you’ll see that the bakeries are overflowing with pretzels. Always popular, these tasty treats are in particular demand on Bretzelsonndeg, the fourth Sunday in Lent. It is on this day that men across Luxembourg traditionally give their sweethearts a pretzel as a show of affection; the more ornate and beautiful the better. If the women like that man, they in return give their special man a painted egg or chocolate on Easter Sunday and can go on a lover’s walk with them. It’s a long time to wait, but worth it! However, be careful because on leap year the tradition is flipped, then ladies it’s your turn to gift the pretzel. Remember, the better the pretzel, the better the egg you’ll get back in return!