Luxembourg’s Bretzelsonndeg – A Pretzel for Love

It is often said that the way to the heart is through the stomach. This Sunday join in on the Luxembourg tradition of Brezelsonndeg where pretzels become a symbol of love.
19 March 2023

During Lent, you’ll see that the bakeries are overflowing with pretzels. These tasty treats are in particular demand on Bretzelsonndeg or Pretzel Sunday. The custom dictates that a man should offer a pretzel to the woman he’s interested in. The more ornate and beautiful the pretzel, the better. If she finds him nearly as sweet, she will let him know by giving him an egg on Easter Sunday.

But beware, the tradition could hurt your love life! If she isn’t interested, she will give him an empty basket instead of an egg. The lack of reciprocation means you’ve been rejected or dumped, hence the Luxembourgish expression “de Kuerf kreien,” translating “to be given the basket.”

In Luxembourg, the tradition allegedly kicked off in the 18th century. Women originally threw wood into the flames while calling out their would-be lovers’ names. Those lucky men could then act on this and present the girl with a pretzel as a sign of their affection. The Luxembourg-style pretzels are usually tooth-achingly sweet, complete with fondant icing and almonds. According to some romantic souls, the pastry symbolizes two lovers interlacing arms as an emblem of their shared love. 

If you are looking to make the tradition more personal, you can find recipes to make a pretzel for your significant other. Remember, the better the pretzel, the better the egg you’ll get in return! Here is a recipe to make your unique pretzel for a memorable Bretzelsonndeg Sunday. 

If you are looking to share this tradition with your partner, you may want to head to Luxembourg City, where Bretzelsonndeg will be celebrated in style. Enjoy the big parade, live music, the iconic Jhageli tourist train, and, most importantly, free pretzels. If you are looking for more Bretzelsonndeg-related events, join ERNZER Aloyse at their organized event, where coffee and pretzels will be offered! For more information on this fun traditional event, check out this link!