Luxembourg’s Drink Tours

Are you looking for something different to do with your friends? Luxembourg is home to several breweries, distilleries, and places where you can sample local Luxembourgish products!
10 February 2022

If you are over the age of 18 and looking for something to do this weekend, grab a group of friends and check out these local wine, beer, cider, and champagne tours located right here in Luxembourg! 

Ramborn Cider

This cider company is located in the city of Born, right on the border of Luxembourg and Germany. Ramborn is the first Luxembourgish cider producer, and it only opened a few years ago! They work with over 100 local farmers and orchards to produce several variations of apple, pear, and quince cider and juices.

The cider is not the only extraordinary thing about this company. Ramborn is dedicated to producing their products in a sustainable fashion. The apples harvested that are bad go back to feed local livestock, and the leftover parts of the apple after being pressed are used to make biofuel!

You and a group of friends can tour the distillery and have a tasting on site, just remember to bring your CovidCheck, as it is mandatory! For more information about the company, products, and tours, click here.

Bofferding / National Brewery 

If you live in Luxembourg, you have to have tried or heard of Bofferding. Since 1764, Bofferding has been a prime staple of Luxembourgish beer culture. The company respects tradition, and this is why all of their beer is brewed from the best raw materials, they use the best hops from Bavaria, and their products are 100% natural. 

You and a group of friends (no more than 9) can take a guided tour of the brewery. The national brewery is located in the southwest region of the country in the city of Bascharage. During the tour you will be introduced to the different stages of the beer-making process, taste some of the pure materials used, and walk through two centuries of Luxembourgish history. For more information about the guided visits, click here


Fans of wine and champagne, this is your time to shine. Bernard-Massard is a Luxembourgish producer of sparkling wine that started 100 years ago in 1921. Due to this year being the company’s 100th anniversary, they have launched a limited edition Cuvée 1921 – Crémant de Luxembourg, this limited edition pays tribute to the history and tradition of the brand. 

You and a group of friends can visit the cellars and have a tasting. The Visits are relatively cheap, priced between €7-16 per person, depending on the number of glasses you want to indulge in! The caves and estate is located on the border of Luxembourg and Germany in the city of Grevenmacher. For more information about the company, and visits, click here.

The Caves St. Martin

Located in the Southeast region of Luxembourg in the city of Remich, The Caves St. Martin have a long history in the sparkling wine industry. The caves opened in 1919, just after the conclusion of World War I, when seven individuals came together recognized the potential limestone caves had. 

You can tour caves which stretch out over 1 kilometer, and try the different créments and wines stored and produced there. St Martin offers, a few variations of wine tastings, discovery tours, and even a children’s tour where they can sample some grape juice!

Craft Corner

If you are looking for a more chill spot where you can enjoy drinks and food, you need to check out Craft Corner located in Bonnevoie. This restaurant opened its doors in 2017, and offers a wide selection of craft products from Luxembourg! 

Craft Corner always has around 10-12 beers on tap, including the Bouneweger Brauerei which is brewed in-house. They also host 8-10 different wines, some you can even buy by the bottle! What makes this place so special for the booze tour is the tasting aspect. Along with the food, you can order a taste flight of beer, wine, rum, or whiskey! Grab a few friends and come try a flight of whatever sparks your interest. 

If we missed your favorite place, have a spot to recommend, or tried out one of our recommendations, let us know!