Manzoku- Welcome to Lux!

Know anything about Japanese soul food? Well you should.
16 October 2019

Manzoku- Welcome to Lux!

written by City Savvy Luxembourg

Know anything about Japanese soul food? Well you should. The weather is awful. It will continue to be awful. You have moved to Northern Europe. Do yourself a favour- Do not pass ‘Go’ and head over to Howald to buy yourself some noodles.

This ain’t your college dorm room Ramen. This grown up Ramen is clean consisting of three main components: soup broth, noodles and toppings. You know what you get when you put the three together?! Happiness in a bowl!

Promising to ‘Warm the heart and mind’ it does exactly that.

Stanley Tucci talks about his favourite Italian dish consisting of two things- courgette and basil. He calls it ‘peasant food’ and he unabashedly describes it as the best food he’s ever put in his mouth. Ramen is a bit like this- the most popular comfort food in Japan. In recent years has experienced a renaissance with the craft Ramen movement, and can now be found in major cities around the world.

The mission of Manzoku is to make authentic Japanese Ramen available to everyone in Luxembourg, not just through restaurants but also to home cooks in the form of a Ramen cooking kit. The MANZOKU cooking kit consists of locally-made fresh Ramen noodles and a flavoursome soup stock imported from Japan, to make it easy for you to create this authentic Japanese dish for yourself at home on the rainiest of days.

The brilliant mind, Mei Chan, behind this says “Having travelled extensively and lived in Asia for a number of years, what I missed most after coming to Luxembourg is a hearty bowl of Ramen. It is a delicious dish I really want to share with everyone in Luxembourg. We often make it at home but it takes almost 24 hours to prepare all the ingredients from scratch. We wanted to make this Ramen experience accessible to all, without the hassle and hard work. With the MANZOKU cooking kit it is now an easy and fun dish to make at home. Kids can do it themselves!

All that is required is to boil the noodles for 1-2 minutes, add boiling water to the stock and then combine with your favourite toppings. Like a pizza, the combination of toppings is unlimited and there are no fixed rules, so home cooks can either follow a recipe or use their own creativity and see where their taste buds take them.

MANZOKU Ramen cooking kits are available in premium retail outlets like the Pall Center and at the same time, the fresh MANZOKU noodles can be enjoyed at selected restaurants in Luxembourg, namely at Go-Ten in the city, where they will be used in their own craft Ramen for your delight.

Did we mention they also sell the award winning Japanese craft beer Hitachino Nest? Pick up your Ramen kit in Howald and your beer! Done and done!

*MANZOKU means “satisfaction” in Japanese, and is usually announced after a particularly enjoyable and satisfying meal.

Where: 40 Rue des Bruyères, 1274 Howald

Opening times: For now, plan accordingly because the factory is only open most Saturdays from 10am to 1pm (check their Facebook for exact dates!)


Facebook: manzokusoulfood

Instagram: manzoku_soulfood