Melt Studio


Melt Studio is a photo production company that primarily specialises in photography and makeup services for B2B clients. Our services encompass portraits, product photography, event coverage, corporate shoots, and more. In addition to makeup for films, photoshoots, campaigns, and special effects, we also offer fashion styling, props, and decor for photo or video productions. We provide location scouting and model casting services as well. 

Founded by Lynn, a professional photographer who specialises in people photography, always striving to make each shoot unique, and Valentina, a makeup artist with 10 years of experience.

“As owners of a photography business, we find great joy in the creative process. Working closely with our clients, we enjoy brainstorming ideas and producing photos that truly capture their brand identity and values. Bringing these ideas to life through our work is really rewarding, as we understand the importance of visual storytelling for businesses. We take pride in our work and always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations with each project.”


Phone number: 691 131 837


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