Murals- Urban Art in Luxembourg

If you just look around, you’ll notice there are many amazing murals covering this tiny country. They are all beautiful and so interesting so we decided to compile some of the best murals in Luxembourg for you! We organized them by location so you can most easily create your own tour and see them in person! (If you make a tour, send us your pics or tag us on your socials @city_savvy_lux )
11 February 2022

Option 1- Esch-sur-Alzette

Many of the murals we have found are in Esch and many of the murals you all sent in too are in Esch, so they have a lot to offer! This website perfectly maps out all of the murals in Esch. Some of the once we’ve found aren’t even on this list, there is always more to explore!

Option 2- Luxembourg City

There is so much going on in Lux city and artist have taken advantage of lots of different spaces all around town. Students have painted at their elementary schools, artists have decorated entire buildings and made optical illusions and camouflage throughout the city. Maybe you have passed by some of these murals and not even noticed!

Option 3- Clervaux

Here the artist, Kamellebutteck, uses the water to his advantage as a part of his art. The wall around the river is painted. When I went to this mural the water level was very high and moving fast, as the water changes you notice different parts of the mural.

Option 4- Differdange

Some people only see the steel industry as an eye source of Differdange, however Alain Welter has used the these structures as his canvas. Check out our article from October for an interview with the artist!

Option 5- Koler

The project “Make Koler Kooler” also by Alain Welter started in 2017 painting all of the streets of Koler calling it “a constantly growing urban-art museum”. The whole town is in color and full of life! Definitely worth checking out!

Option 6- Leudelange and beyond

Raphael Gindt, based in Leudelange, Luxembourg, has murals all over the country and the rest of Europe. You have probably seen many of his murals on your drive home from work but now you can put a name to the art and find more of his pieces around Lux!

Check out the murals you find the most interesting or spend a Sunday touring them all!