My Sunday Restaurant Pick: Eatwith.Andrea

Meet Andrea, the ultimate foodie who aims to inspire people to eat cleaner, the food I cook is mainly vegetarian and healthy, as well as discovering new places around town.
14 May 2023

“Hi, my name is Andrea. I’m 35 & I was born in Luxembourg from Italian parents. I work in finance and I am the content creator behind eatwith.andrea, a page fully dedicated to food. You can find restaurants I have visited in Luxembourg and abroad (if you see it on the page it means I love them!), mixed with my own cooked food (I do also love to cook).”

My Sunday Restaurant Pick: That’s a difficult one! I usually cook food at home on Sundays,  but whenever I feel like going for brunch my inevitable place since many years is Paname

Your go-to cocktail on the menu? I love their refreshing, bittersweet and delicious French Pimm’s. But I must admit I also like their non alcoholic Ginger Lilly in case I have a slight hangover 😉

What’s your must-try dish? No doubt, their avocado toast with poached eggs and with extra salmon! Very simple but very tasty and delicious. I also like their small roasted potatoes as a side. 

Paname via Instagram

Easy to get to? Very easy. Located in Place de Paris it is very central and easy of access, via bus, tram, bike, walking or car depending on where you live you can access it very easily.

What’s the atmosphere like? It’s a laidback/easy going atmosphere. With a great mix of nationalities and ages. In summer (or during warmer days) you can enjoy their nice sunny terrace.

How is the service? Service is friendly and fast, if you sit at the counter (my favorite spot), the bartenders will listen and will try to accommodate any special requests in terms of cocktails. 

What makes it a perfect spot for a Sunday? Sunday is made to relax, to take it easy, to enjoy friends and families, and Paname is the perfect spot to mix all of it.