My Sunday Routine: Lazy Perfectionist Mom

09 April 2023

Meet Carmen, you may know her as @lazyperfectionistmom on Instagram boasting an impressive 5.7k followers. Carmen has worked as a content creator for over 11 years and currently works in digital marketing. As a mom to a 3-year old boy, Carmen speaks candidly about everything from motherhood to children’s books and interior related content – focusing on small local brands.

Early riser or mid morning lie-in?

If by mid morning lie-in you mean 8am then I guess my toddler does indeed sometimes let me lie-in. Luckily I’ve always been more of an early riser and I’m most productive in the morning. However I’ll admit that I prefer any wake up call after 7am on the weekends! 

Sunday morning routine?

Sunday is pancake day in our house! I usually make fluffy buttermilk pancakes while my son sits opposite to me on our kitchen counter and already has 100 things to tell me! I enjoy these calm mornings one on one with my kiddo, but I’m also happy when my husband wakes up and takes over 😉

Kelly Kollmesch @liblingsmoment.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Luxembourg on a Sunday?

If I feel like doing some shopping I drive to the Massen or Knauf shopping malls in the North of Luxembourg that are open 7/7. 

What do you like to cook?

I cook almost every day but on weekends I take time for recipes that take a bit longer to make like lasagna, Swedish köttbullar or other comfort food. I’ve currently signed up with Hello Fresh again as I love discovering new recipes and new ways of preparing food with them. Generally we love Mexican and Italian food in our family!

Kelly Kollmesch @liblingsmoment.

If you’re dining out on a Sunday, where are you going?

We’re real homebodies and almost never eat out as Luxembourg doesn’t have enough kid-friendly restaurants in my opinion. We prefer ordering pizza, for example when we’re having friends over. If we’re eating out on weekends it’s often on special occasions with our family. In that case our first choice is the restaurant of Hotel Leweck in Lipperscheid. 

Your favourite Sunday outdoor activity in Luxembourg?

We love going to Kass Haff, the educational farm near Mersch. It’s open every day and free to visit. If we don’t feel like driving far we’re spending the afternoon on the playground of our village. 

Any Sunday traditions?

Apart from spending time as a family, Sunday is also cleaning day so we can start the new week in a tidy and fresh home. This gives me a feeling of control, especially when the past week has been busy.

You can find Carmen on Instagram: @lazyperfectionistmom