My Sunday Routine: Lili Martins

Lili Martins is a content creator & influencer based in Luxembourg🇱🇺. Lili loves to share her daily life as she hopes to inspire others everyday!
05 March 2023

Early riser or mid morning lie-in?

Mid-morning lie in for sure! I just love waking up next to my partner so we can cuddle in bed and just talk about everything that comes to our minds!

Sunday morning routine?

I wake up, stay in bed for probably around 30 minutes. The first thing I love to do is make my favourite cappuccino with almond milk. I then head over to the couch where I chill, listen to music or scroll through my phone to get updated on what’s been happening.

Then I like to get ready for lunch. I have a dedicated morning skincare routine, filled with products I love, which I often share on my Instagram stories. I then get dressed and I’m ready to leave!

What’s your favourite thing to do in Luxembourg on a Sunday?

My favourite thing to do on a Sunday is getting lunch with at my parents! I then grab the car and go for a coffee date in Luxembourg City, or even somewhere a bit further out of like Trier!

What do you like to cook?

I love cooking dairy-free meals & asian dishes too! My personal favourites? A simple “riz sautĂ©” or my own ramen bowl – delicious! I got inspired by a good friend who is my favourite cook, but in general I like to cook a variety of meals. Something I do that everyone enjoys is a nice veggie cream soup!

Sometimes we go out to eat, whether that is with my parents or my partner’s parents. We love to spend our weekends with our families and loved ones.

If you’re dining out on a Sunday, where are you going?

Dining out on Sundays is actually very rare for us, but when we are hungry for dinner we typically opt for a take-away Pizza or a light snack like some tapas or even charcuterie boards. If we’re going to dine out, we’re going to normally go out on a Friday or Saturday night.

Your favourite Sunday outdoor activity in Luxembourg?

I don’t actually fill my day with too much on a Sunday because I like to keep those days just for me. Sunday is my chill day to rest and spend time with those I care about. We normally will go out for a walk in the city centre and enjoy the nice weather.

Any Sunday traditions?

Visit my parents, spend time with them and eat our favourite Portuguese traditional meals! That sounds like the perfect Sunday tradition to me!

You can find Lili’s Instagram here, where she shares more of her daily life!