My Sunday Routine: Natascha Bintz

Luxembourg influencer, entrepreneur & mum of two, Natascha Bintz sat down with us to share her typical Sunday routine!
05 February 2023

Luxembourg influencer, entrepreneur & mum of two, Natascha Bintz knows a thing or two about life in the Grand Duchy! We sat down with her to ask about her Sunday routine and the non-negotiable’s that are on her weekend to-do list. Think crepes, walks in the woods & of course the cherished Sunday morning lie-in!

Early riser or mid morning lie-in?

Oh a mid morning lie-in, for sure! I prefer to have the kids climb in our bed and take all my space, even sing or play next to me, as long as I don’t have to get out of bed! Sometimes I can even fall asleep again, completely ignoring all the noise they’re making…

Sometimes my boyfriend is super sweet & notices that I really need that extra hour of sleep so he will take them to the kitchen and make breakfast. He closes the door and keeps them clam, just to make sure he doesn’t wake me up – what else could I ask for on a Sunday morning?!

Sunday Morning Routine?

First thing, I’m always making myself a feel-good drink! Whether it is a matcha or golden latte with coconut milk, which I have to reheat at least two times because I will forget to drink it! If I’m making breakfast for the kids, cleaning the kitchen, washing my face & brushing my teeth, unfortunately my drink becomes last priority!

I do try to get some work done, so if I have a few minutes I will take care of some emails and if the mood is right I will also do crepes or pancakes with the kids then we try to find a game to play or movie to watch all together. That is then quickly followed by nap time, unfortunately just for the kids, as mom & dad have to get their work done!

As entrepreneurs in digital marketing, our weekends are important for communication. I usually post some content every Sunday on my Instagram, because it’s the best day for engagement, so I can’t miss that! If we’re heading out the house, I will try to get my social media posts during the drive as the kids are also napping during this time.

We do always try to make Sunday’s special for the kids though and we want to do something memorable! For us weekends are mostly about entertaining the little ones and having some quality time with them too! The cleaning & chores can always be done on the next days, it’s important to have quality time with them.

Favourite thing to do in Luxembourg on a Sunday?

My favourite thing would always be staying cosy in our home and chill together as a family, drinking hot chocolate, cooking and doing some creative activities to keep them entertained. At the same time, I do also love to do go outdoors and take them on a walk. When the weather is bad we like to go to an indoor playground with friends & their kids, like the youth hostel in Beaufort or Little Gym in Bertrange.

What do you like to cook?

On Sundays, I always like to cook with the kids! Together we make super easy things like crepes, pancakes or muffins and for dinner I love to make a good vegan spaghetti bolognese or even a vegan lasagna! Those are my Sunday specialities 🙂

If you’re dining out on a Sunday, where are you going?

We almost never do that, except to go for dinner at a friends house or visit my parents. If we stay late at an indoor playground then we will have dinner there before then they will fall asleep during the car drive back home.

However on those rare occasions that we spend the day in the city centre with the kids, we like to have some street food or dine at the Mezzanine du Boulevard, Cheesy Pizzeria or La Baraque – sometimes we also go to Cloche D’or Shopping Centre.

Your Favourite Sunday Outdoor Activity in Luxembourg?

If the weather is good, I love to do bike rides as a family or drink along the fields. The kids love saying hi to the cows & horses, then we eventually stop at a playground. We love the ones in Ernster and Born and the big one in the City Centre. I also love to take them to the animal park, like the Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg. We love that place!

I also love to take them to Mullerthal, Redange or Esch-sur-Sûre to discover new spots and sceneries. But when it’s cold, to be honest we don’t go far! We will walk in our village and the kids can ride their bikes & trottinette next to me.

Any Sunday Traditions?

For us the main tradition, if you could call it a tradition, is just making sure we’re all together as a family, enjoying ourselves and cooking together!

We want to say a huge thank you to Natascha for sharing her Sunday routine with us! Keep an eye out for the next instalment of the series coming in a few weeks…

In the meantime, check out Natascha on her social media to discover all things family, travel, beauty & sustainable lifestyle content!

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