My Sunday Routine: Passion Meets Creativity

As the creative brain behind Passion meets Creativity, Sheyla is a Luxembourg food blogger & passionate traveller. We sit with Sheyla to find out what she gets up to in her typical Sunday routine!
19 February 2023

Early morning riser or mid-morning lie in?

On Sundays, I usually lean towards a mid-morning lie-in. I tend not to plan too much as my weeks are already quite busy. If I don’t have anything scheduled, I don’t set an alarm and just go with the flow.

Sunday Morning Routine

Sunday mornings are generally quite quiet and are typically very slow for me, to make sure in order to refuel in energy for the upcoming week. Once I am up, I make sure I have a delicious breakfast as I really have the time to prepare and enjoy it.

Even though I am not always making everything myself (I like heading to the local bakery for a good pain au chocolat) I still like to prepare the whole breakfast meal with care. Cutting fresh fruit and having my favourite tea is also part of it.

Then, and that’s probably my favourite part of my Sunday morning routine, I browse through my cookbooks and foodie magazines while watching a funny TV show. Having a good laugh and getting inspiration for my own recipe development activities is very relaxing and rewarding too.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Luxembourg on a Sunday?

There are two things I love to do on a Sunday:

The first is going for a hike! I have a small group of friends who enjoy nature quite a lot, so we often meet up for the adventure and sometimes combine it with lunch or a picnic (depending on weather conditions!) Food wise, this is also an interesting way to discover restaurants that lie outside of the city and the other neighbouring towns.

I am halfway through my guide de l’autopedestre (hiking trails in the 4 regions in Luxembourg) and I truly hope to finish it within the next two years!

Another thing I love doing is going for brunch and a long walk through the city. No matter how often you’ve navigated through the capital, you’ll always discover something new. Through the years, quite a few lovely places have opened!

What do you like to cook?

I do not have one specific dish or type of cuisine that I like to cook. But I have to admit that I often opt for either Italian pasta or risotto recipes! I also love Middle Eastern mezze because I love to cook with flavourful fresh ingredients as well as herbs and spices. The Mediterranean cuisines perfectly fit my taste as they have so much to offer.

Those who have already been on my blog or follow me on Insta know that I have a (very large) sweet tooth. I love baking as much as I love cooking and to be honest it ranges from cakes and tarts to cookies and brownies.

If you’re dining out on a Sunday, where are you going?

My Sunday dinner pick is Papaya in Holzem, 99% of the time. It’s an Asian restaurant mainly serving sushi. Their sushi is amazing and a perfect way to wrap up my week.

Your favourite Sunday outdoor activity on a Sunday?

As mentioned before, hiking is for sure top of the list. Discovering the four corners of my home country through the different hiking trails is definitely a winner! When you’re active & in nature, it always clears your head. That’s a perfect way to start the new week!

Any Sunday traditions?

I don’t have traditions which are set in stone, but the thing that comes closest to a tradition are our family lunches. We might not do them every Sunday but they are very regular!

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