New 23/24 Season at Philharmonie Luxembourg!

The Luxembourg Philharmonic & Philharmonie Luxembourg have united for a new season and a brand new look!
22 May 2023


“A diverse programme for a diverse audience!” says Stephan Gehmacher, Director of the Philharmonie Luxembourg. “Since its opening, and now more than ever, the Philharmonie’s programming stands for excellence and diversity. Adding an extra element of vivaciousness to this exciting 2023/24 season, the Philharmonie Luxembourg has a new appearance, in keeping with its mission: to give everyone, regardless of background of musical knowledge, the opportunity to make a space for music in their lives.”

For the 2023/24 season, the Philharmonie has adopted a new appearance which reflects all of its important goals; to reach a broader audience while supporting and promoting artistic diversity and excellence. With this new appearance, the Philharmonie is setting out to combat the age old cliche that music, notably classic and jazz, is complex and can only be consumed by the educated elite. Instead the Philharmonie aims to show that the emotional experience of a live concert can be enjoyed and is open to anyone.

Luxembourg Philharmonic

Gustavo Gimeno, who took his post as conductor nine years ago, is pleased to continue working with the orchestra. The Orchestra Academy, going into its third season, will be expanding the Academy. The Orchestra opens its season together with violinist Arabella Steinbacher on September 15th and ends on July 6th 2024, with an open air concert on the Kinnekswiss. The Luxembourg Philharmonic will pay homage to the famous poet and former prime minister, Edmond de la Fontaine, composed by Georges Lentz.

There will also be invited artists in residence for Luxembourg’s audience; 

  • Helene Grimaud
  • William Christie
  • Quatuor Ebene

Global Artists & Season Opening

The season opens on September 3rd with a performance by the Berlin Philharmonic. The season also includes two other world-class orchestras: the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony. This season there will be many female lead jazz formations taking place at the Philharmonie. Concertgoes can look forward to Cecile McLorin Salvant, Zara McFarlane and Gabi Hartmann. 

Festival season at the Philharmonie Luxembourg traditionally takes place in the fall, with the festival Atlantico being the first to happen. There will also be the rainy days festival running from November 16th to 19th will all halls of the Philharmonie opening to illuminate the relationships between resounding stories, fragments of memory and reminiscent, illustrating the full breadth of contemporary music. 

The Philharmonie will also organise the second Frairaim Festival in 2024, offering the local scene a chance to present itself in a professional framework. For a third season, the red bridge project, a cooperation between Mudam, the Grand Theatre and the Philharmonie is designed to build geographical and artistic bridges. 


Pick & Mix Flexible Subscription Models for a Diverse Audience

The new subscription series “Pick and Mix” means that music lovers can choose their subscriptions even more individually during the coming season. 

  • “Midweek Peak” is perfect if you prefer to make the middle of your weeks more musical
  • “Private Sessions” are ideal if you want the more intimate effect of a jazz bar or a 19th century salon
  • “Hidden Gems” awakes the adventurous spirit of your inner child 
  • “Modern Times” dedicates yourself to the men and women inventing tomorrow’s classic

This new subscription services means that with many concerts beginning as early at 19h30 during the coming season, the Philharmonie is catering to the wishes of its customers.

Themed Weekends and Musical Journeys for Young Audiences

Almost anything can be done with music and at the Philharmonie almost anything is possible! Multiple offers for listening and joining in in almost all the halls, the Philharmonie invites the whole family to explore specific themes – the journey starts in October with Christmas in December and magic in May. The themed weekends, also known as “Familjeenfestivals” from the 2022/24 season onwards, will be paired with the family rich variety of programming for the youngest audience members at the Philharmonie!

Experience and Participating

Fondation EME Spreads the Joy of Music

The Fondation EME has found many ways to combat growing inequality, social injustices and limited access to cultural offerings. It spreads the joy of music among people with physical or social limitations, always taking their needs into account.  In 2022, the Fondation EME presented around 800 events for about 17,000 people in more than 200 institutions throughout Luxembourg. Thus, it organises concerts at care homes in Luxembourg, offering music workshops for people with special physical needs and enables refugees to attend concerts.

The Philharmonie’s Circle of Friends – a Network of Active Music Lovers

Music lovers have always supported artists, enabling some great careers. Today’s music world would be very different without those supporters. Members of the PhilaPhil enjoy intimate soirees, get to meet artists up close and personal, enjoy preferential treatment when buying tickets and have the possibility of joining exclusive journeys. People interested in joining who are under the age of 40 can now join the “PhilaPhil New Generation” programme with even more benefits for its members. Learn more on