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Brazilian Cinema Festival

by Flavia Bley

Since 2011 the movie buffs Pieca Levy, Maria Capus and Luciele Milani have been organizing the annual Brazilian Film Festival in Luxembourg, carefully curated to offer an alternative to the stereotypes commonly associated with the image of Brazil and Brazilians.

The festival became an independent non-profit association in 2014 and is the major representation of the Brazilian cultural presence in Luxembourg.

The programming for this year is flawless and you can check it here.  Nine films are going to be screened from Wednesday 2 to Wednesday 9 in their original versions with English subtitles in different theaters  in the country.

May 2

The Soirée d’Ouverture will screen The Movie of My Life (2017) presented by the main actor Johnny Massaro and followed by a cocktail and concert of the Brazilian music group in Luxembourg TRUPE.

Synopsis: The movie directed by Selton Mello tells the story of Tony, a student in the 60s who tries to overcome the absence of his father who returned to France, his country of origin, and gives him no news. Tony is a French teacher in a secondary school who he takes care of children in full adolescence crisis and lives a happy couple life. Passionate about literature and cinema, Tony puts love and art at the center of his life. Until the day the truth about his father begins to surface and forces him to take charge of his own life.
Where: Kinepolis Kirchberg
When: May 2 at 19.00
Cost: 8 EUR – Reservations by e-mail.
Subtitles: English

May 3 – Berenice (2017)

Synopsis: A thriller by the director Allan Fiterman. Berenice is a dedicated female taxi driver in Rio de Janeiro. She is consumed by her job and the little free time she has needs to be divided between raising her son Thiago, a teenager exploring his sexuality, and her troubled relationship with her husband Domingos, a police reporter. The scars of the worn-out relationship, ruined by her husband’s violent outbursts, have erased her femininity and led her into a great existential emptiness.
Where: Ciné Le Paris in Bettembourg
When: May 3 at 20.00
Cost: free entry – in partnership with the Commission of Social Cohesion and the Equal Opportunities Service of the municipality of Bettembourg.
Subtitles: French

May 4 – Joaquim (2017)

Synopsis: Directed by Marcelo Gomes. A partly fictional, partly historical account of the events that conducted Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, alias Tiradentes, to become an independence fighter and  national hero. The film shows an anti hero’s transformation from unthinking colonialist henchman to revolutionary. He will later lead the resistance movement to the portuguese domination called “ Inconfidência Mineira”.
Where: Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg     
When: May 4 at 20.30
Cost: 3.70 euros. Tickets can be bought here.
Subtitles: English

May 5 – Vazante (2017) and Liquid Truth (2017)

Vazante (2017)

Synopsis: a drama by Daniela Thomas. Forced to marry a slave trader, young Beatriz faces physical and emotional unrest. Upon returning from a trading expedition, Antonio discovers that his wife has died in labor. Confined to a decadent but desolate property in the company of his aging mother-in-law and numerous slaves, he marries his wife’s young niece, Beatriz. Separated from her family and left alone on the rugged farmhouse in the Brazilian mountains, Beatriz finds solace in the displaced and oppressed inhabitants around her. Exploring the fraught intersection of feminism, colonialism, and race that has persisted across centuries and continents, VAZANTE is a haunting and stunning solo directorial debut from Brazilian filmmaker Daniela Thomas.
Where: Ciné Starlight – CNA  (Dudelange)
When: May 5 at 17.00
Cost: Free Entry 
Subtitles: English

Liquid Truth (2017)

Synopsis: A drama directed by Carolina Jabor. What if the only evidence of a crime is the testimony of a parent translating the words of her child? Rubens is a carefree, charismatic swimming instructor who finds himself accused of displaying inappropriate affection toward one of his students by the boy’s mother. Other parents and colleagues are only too eager to condemn him. Jabor’s incisive, unsettling debut maintains an intriguing, tension-filled air of mystery even as it exposes our own propensity to pass judgment.
Where: Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
When: May 5 at 19.00
Cost: 3.70 euros. Tickets can be bought here.
Subtitles: English

May 6 – Jules & Dolores (2016)

Synopsis: a comedy by Caíto Ortiz.  Rio de Janeiro, 1983. In an attempt to pay off his gambling debt and pacify his flamboyant girlfriend Dolores, fun-loving Peralta and his happy-go-lucky buddy Borracha decide to steal the legendary Jules Rimet soccer World Cup trophy. Too bad they heist the original cup, which puts the entire country on the alert. JULES AND DOLORES is based on a remarkable event in Brazilian history. 
Where: Cine Utopia
When: May 6 at 19.00
Cost: 8 euros. Tickets must be ordered by e-mail.
Subtitles: English 

May 7 – Pendular (2017)

Synopsis: a drama by Júlia Murat.  In an old abandoned shed, a couple of contemporary artists observe art, performance and their intimacy blended. Following numerous contradictions, the couple gradually loses the capacity to distinguish between what is part of artistic projects and what is none other than their romantic relationship, going as far as to create a conflict with their own past.
Where: Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
When: May 7 at 18.30
Cost: 3.70 euros. Tickets can be bought here.
Subtitles: French

May 8 – Desert (2017)

Synopsis:  A drama by Guilherme Weber. A small group of artists travels the Brazilian backlands presenting a show. Upon arriving in a small village, they find an abandoned city with houses, a church, and a fountain spouting clean water, like a miracle of a biblical desert. Tired of and battered by their life as wanderers, the artists decide to settle in the village and start a new community, assigning themselves different roles from those they have played throughout their lives. This new arrangement, however, will reveal these artists the worst vices of the civilian life.
Where: Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
When: May 8 at 18.30
Cost: 3.70 euros. Tickets can be bought here.
Subtitles: English

May 9 – Gabriel and the Mountain (2017)

Synopsis: A docu-fiction drama by Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa. Before entering a prestigious American university, Gabriel Buchmann decided to travel the world for one year, his backpack full of dreams. After ten months on the road, he arrived in Kenya determined to discover the African continent. Until he reached the top of Mount Mulanje, Malawi, his last destination.
Where:  Ciné Starlight – CNA – Dudelange
When: May 8 at 19.30
Cost:  8 euros. Tickets must be ordered by e-mail.
Subtitles: French

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