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How to Tell Someone You Love Them Year Round

by Brynn Pierce

Just because Valentine’s Day has passed, it doesn’t mean we have to stop showing the love. In fact, now more than ever it’s important to let people know how much you care. Whether you are reminding your best friend or your kids or your parents how you feel, here are our top picks on how to share the love year round.

Pick 1- The Traditional Flowers and Chocolate

Even though a box of chocolates and flowers are the stereotypical way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we believe these make nice surprises year round. Chocolate is delicious and flowers are guaranteed to brighten your day no matter what. We love chocolates from Genaveh and flowers from FleuRebelle and Fleurs Karblum! No matter what their gender or age is, you can never go wrong with a sweet treat and something pretty.

Pick 2- Send a Letter

Although it is old fashion, sometimes a hand written card can means more than a simple text. Especially if your haven’t been able to see people for a long time during lockdown, a letter can be a good way to get out everything you are feeling. Check out the online store Juniqe for beautiful stationery, pick some out to add a personal touch to your letter. You can also use a service like Postable to create a card online and they will produce and mail the card to your loved ones on your behalf!

Pick 3- Surprise them with their favorite Pastry or Coffee

This one is perfect if you get coffee and a croissant with a co-worker every day or want to give someone their favorite treat without them even asking! Bakhaus has delicious pastries (and vegan options) and Babbocaffè has great coffee. Of course there is a Fischer on every corner!

Pick 4- Buy them a Present for no Reason

Sometimes a little gift can go a long way. Pick something out from Luxembourg House to give someone in your life a token of your love. Luxembourg House sells products made in Luxembourg and has everything from alcohol to jewelry, plus it’s a great way to support local!

Pick 5- Make their Favorite Meal

We included this in our Valentine’s Day article but it doesn’t have to only be for your significant others. Make special pancakes for your kids, your famous meal for your parents or dinner and wine for your friends. Whatever it is, even if you don’t have anything to say, making a meal with love will get the message across. If you need inspiration check out food blog Half Baked Harvest (they have great recipes and plenty of options if you or a loved one has an allergy or dietary restrictions).

No matter if you are single, married, or somewhere in between, don’t forget to love yourself too. Make yourself your favorite meal or treat yourself to a special treat or even a gift!

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