OTR International School


7, Rue Val Ste Croix

Opening Hours:

8:30am to 3pm is the official school day


OTR is a bilingual international school with students from preschool through to secondary, offering English and French education. Students will graduate school with a European baccalaureate. OTR offers a range of subjects, activities and events within and out of school grounds. Here at OTR we pride ourselves on diversity and culture, we have over 50 nationalities throughout the school.

This year there are 185 students (20 in secondary). All teachers in maternelle and primary teach their “mother tongue” language.

Why CSL Loves it!: Over The Rainbow International School is a nurturing environment which means small classes (maximum 20 kids) and caring teachers. There school is divided into French and English sections. Montessori methods are used while one-to-one attention is a paramount value. The attention by teachers and catering to the student’s learning methodology is astounding. They also have a fantastic maternelle school (3-4 years old) and there are two teachers in the classroom at all times. One speaks only in French, one only in English. The result is a genuinely bilingual education.

Website (shop now!): Visit http://otrschool.lu/en/ for more information.

Phone number: +352 26 09 45 42

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