Outdoor Spring Activities

Outdoor inspiration for Spring!
28 May 2024

It starts feeling like spring is finally upon us! The weather is starting to warm up and the sun is shining. Why not head outdoors for some fun in the sun?!

1. Golfing / Minigolf 

Luxembourg is home to 5 beautiful golf courses, several minigolf courses, and even a golf training center. If you’re looking to play an 18-hole round with your friends, take the family out for a round of fun, or practice driving after the long winter season, Luxembourg has it all.

2. Take a bike ride 

Biking is a great way to get some energy out and enjoy nature! Bike along the water, through the woods, from station to station, or just around the block! If you don’t have bikes or not enough for the whole family, you can rent them for the day or just a couple of hours. Check out this link for more information on biking trails in Luxembourg! 

3. Start a garden or start composting

Gardening is a great family activity, and it comes with great rewards. Read our past article for gardening tips, on how to get started and be sustainable. There are so many great gardening stores all over Luxembourg. If you want to get creative and make it a little more fun for the kids, start a fairy garden! Fairy gardens are a great addition to your backyard and can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. 

Composting is an easy way to get the whole family involved, stay sustainable, and grow a healthy garden from your leftover scraps. For a step-by-step guide on how to start your own composting garden, click here.

4. Picnic in the park

There are so many great parks and trails in Luxembourg, why not add a picnic to make a day of it? This can also be a fun outdoor activity with friends! 

To make the best picnic basket, we recommend picking products local to Luxembourg! These products include; wine, spreads, dairy products, teas, and sweets, all perfect for a picnic!

5. Go fishing 

Fishing with kids might not be at the top of your list to do this spring, but it might be more exciting than you think. Rent a boat for the day, or just fish right from the dock. The look on your kid’s face when they catch a fish will make it all worth it! 

A reminder that a fishing license is required on all the inland waters of Luxembourg. To learn more about obtaining a license, click here.

6. Campfire and s’mores

What better way to embrace the warm weather than with a campfire! Another great way to gather outside with friends. Make a night of it by grilling out or skip dinner and go straight to the desert! There are so many creative ways to make s’mores. If it’s a rainy night, don’t be afraid to try and make s’mores in the microwave or over the stove! 

7. Home Improvement Projects

When is a better time to complete home improvements than the springtime? Simple projects to involve the whole family include re-painting rooms and deep cleaning. If you want to make some major changes, maybe get a new carpet or tiling. Now is your chance before the summer!

8. Window painting 

If it’s too rainy outside to paint with chalk, you can make washable paint to decorate the windows. This can be done inside or outside and is a great way to add some color to your life! 

9. Local Markets

Take a monthly trip to the Glacismaart held every third Sunday of each month at the Champ du Glacis to get fresh produce, or to the Flea Market in the city on the first Sunday of each month starting in April. If you are looking for a market that operates more than once a month, check out the Staater Maart held at Place Émile Hamilius, every Wednesday and Saturday. 

Whatever activities you choose to do this spring, soak in the changing of the season!