Philharmonie Luxembourg


1, place de l’Europe
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Opening Hours:

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A great many varied musical worlds are at home in the Philharmonie: from classical music of all periods and genres to jazz, urban, and experimental music. What all of these concerts have in common is our ambition to offer you a truly special musical experience. Whether you listen to music in order to simply enjoy artistic beauty, to be moved emotionally, to take time out from everyday life, to discover something new, or to be surprised – no limits are set to the variety of musical experience on offer.

Why CSL Loves it!: You won’t find a better venue to feel the energy of a live performance. We’ve witnessed gorgeous unscripted elements come together due to the incredible caliber of musicians brought to Lux by this fantastic Institution. Many have said that live music is the ‘highest art’ – because it’s a one time expression, only captured in the moment, never to be repeated. We can’t think of a more stunning building in Luxembourg that houses such magical experiences. Their 2017/18 Season looks to be one of the best yet, so make sure you get your tickets!

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Phone number: +352 26 32 26 32

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