Power Dressing

Getting dressed for work is something that many women can find time-consuming and complicated. Therefore, many women opt for minimalistic and easy solutions, sticking to basic colour pallets of black, blue, grey and white. In reality, it is easy to look stylish and trendy even within dress code requirements.
28 March 2022

Tip #1 Choose clothes that enhance your body shape

Before adopting a fashion trend, it can be a good idea to discover your body shape. You should consider your body specificities such as height and skin tone. Then learn about different styles that enhance your body type. If you have no time to spend searching for relevant information and reading, ask the experts (personal stylists, style coaches, colorimetry specialists) or even a stylish friend to help you along. Hiring a professional can be a fantastic investment in yourself that will save you time and money in the long run.

Tip #2 Choose current silhouette

If you are planning to purchase new clothes to replace your wardrobe basics or just to add a few new pieces, don’t hesitate to opt for fashionable cuts. The general rule for a stylish look – keep the cuts loose and flowing. Today slim tailored clothes can look too classic and even outdated.

Let’s say you need a new shift dress. Why not go for a stylish version of it with lantern sleeves, midi length or a slightly loose A-line skirt?

Or when buying another pair of classic black trousers, why not opt for a high raised and wide leg one instead? This type of trousers is very fashionable and can enhance any body shape if worn with kitten or high heel shoes.

Tip #3 Add a touch of trend

Clothes with details such as ruffles, fringe, pleats, lace and buttons look fabulous if used in moderation. The secret to a successful look is the right balance between clothes with interesting details and accessories. For example, if you wear a nice blouse with ruffles, it’s better to avoid statement necklaces or long earrings. The same is true when composing an outfit. Choose one or a maximum of two trendy details to add a fashionable touch, keeping it simple and professional.

Tip #4 Mix fabrics and textures

The great thing about trends of fa- brics and textures is the that they tend to be long lasting. For exa- mple, tweed and leather have been on trend for years and promise to stay with us over coming seasons too. In reality, what really changes is the way of wearing these fabrics. Current fashion trends are all about “contrast”. If you go for a monochromatic look, then try to create contrast through different textures, mixing rough and delicate fabrics (e.g. tweed with satin or velvet with silk), adding interesting leather pieces, such as a blazer or a trench) combining all of this with purses and footwear of different textures, such us suede, leather, satin, canvas, rattan, wool or faux fur.

Tip # 5 Add color

Wearing colours at work can be hard. Indeed it’s a matter of habit and can often be the best thing to go for when we need a positive change. Before adding colourful clothes to your wardrobe, it might be helpful to find out about your colour type (“warm” or “cold”). Enhancing colors have a magical power of rendering us younger, brighter and energized, without any make-up or tricks. Of course, you are allowed to wear all the colors in the world, but to make it play to your advantage, you can follow this simple rule of styling: keep enhancing colors close to your face (e.g blouses, tops, blazers, dresses, cardigans, outwear, scarves and accessories), and non-enhancing ones away from your face (e.g. skirts, trousers, shorts as well as purses and shoes). The best option would be a monochromatic look to enhance your color.

Tip #6 Prints and patterns

Fashion trends for patterns and prints change quickly but can be a great way to express your individuality and style. What could be optimal for work is to stick to classics, such us checks, stripes, polka dots or houndstooth. Lovers of flower prints have been enjoying them fully for many seasons now, but if you decide to wear it for work, it’s good to choose small and simple flower prints, giving preference to less contrasting colors and avoiding sophisticated cuts or details. Geometrical patterns, animal prints, illustrations or patterns with objects are better to wear on foulards and scarves. They look fantastic and easily add a touch of originality to monochromatic or more classic outfits.

Tip #7 Up-to-date accessories

Never underestimate the role of accessories! They are the key elements in creation of a fashionable look and can successfully complete or ruin your outfit if they are outdated or inexistent. If not all of your accessories are on trend, try to make at least one or two on trend to balance with classics and make the difference.

Jewelry – minimalistic, classic or edgy. You can use them separately or mix them together. At the moment it’s on trend to combine necklaces together going from thinner to thicker, from shorter to longer versions. The chains and coins are the absolute stars of this season! If you don’t like wearing those as jewelry, then do not hesitate to go for belts, purses and even shoes with chain details. They can add character to your outfit and create an extraordinary look.

Another “must have” of this season is the silk scarf or a foulard. What’s different about silk scarfs this season is the way of wearing them. Apart of traditional forms of tying it up, we are encouraged to add it on top of outwear (blazers, waistcoats, trenches or coats), add it to our purses, use it as a headband or a belt.

This season, shoes are going in direction of minimalism and retro. Kitten or wide heel stilettos look more fashionable than high heel pumps, which is equally true for winter footwear.

Written By Zhanna Gevorgyan

Photographs by Svitlana Vostrova Photography