LUX WMN Magazine: Issue #1


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The first issue of LUX WMN Magazine delivered to your doorstep. Readers can expect fierce content, motivating stories, and stunning design. The magazine features women from the national and international landscape with content created by a host of expert female writers.
Ladies, let’s get in-formation

We celebrate those at the top of their game; women who will inspire our readers to strive for their dreams.

Women such as our cover star and LUX WMN panelist, Polina Montano. Co-founder of hiring app Job Today, Montano talks being a woman in the tech sphere, using her red lipstick as armour in the venture capitalist room, and carving out time with her precious family.

International journalists contribute to think pieces to spark comment and debate from our readers, from discussing the place of new wave feminism with the expat and local community, to the challenges of the femtech industry.

We also want readers to use LUX WMN as a tool; to include go-to articles that offer a strong hand to help our community climb the ladder. Perhaps they will be reassured by the words of mentor and CEO, Carole Miltgen; maybe they’ll see themselves reflected in the stories from our entrepreneurs and those stepping their toe in to the pool of the side hustle. Or maybe they just need a no-nonsense guide on how to simply set-up a small business here.

And then there’s the play content, because we can’t always be #femaleboss. In our For the Mind, Body and Sanity pages we will look at nutrition and fitness and mental health. However, you won’t read about diets or weight-loss plans within our pages. We’re not here to tell our readers that dropping a dress size will be the answer. Instead our experts will show how our LUX WMN can prepare their bodies for a hugely stressful week at work, or what to eat to fuel their body for juggling pregnancy and full-time work, or ways to cope with self doubt and dark thoughts.

There’s travel to far flung destinations and layover guides; there’s business commentary; there’s philanthropy and art and struggles and aspirations and ideas and a safe space.

Unfortunately, this issue is only available in print! 

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