Purposeful Vibes


Hi, this is Gul. I am a Transformational Coach, Mindfulness Expert and Master Energy Healer. With 15 years of experience working in big multinationals (like; P&G, Coca-Cola, Amazon), I have transformed my life to an entrepreneur journey.

I help leaders to get unstuck to make powerful changes in their life so that they can move to their next level. My expertise in transforming limitations into strengths empowers my clients to achieve a harmonious balance between their professional achievements and personal well-being, ensuring they lead with purpose and ease at the zenith of their careers.

For my 1-1 work you can find details here https://www.purposefulvibes.com/home I also work with companies and organisations for Mindfulness Trainings , you can find details here https://www.purposefulvibes.com/mindfulness-workshops

Website: https://www.purposefulvibes.com

Phone number: +352 661 338 144

Email: gul@purposefulvibes.com

Instagram: Follow here: @gulsonmez___

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gulsonmez