PYO: Pick Your Own

Summer's round the corner (really!) and that means fresh berries, beautiful flowers and amazing produce. But why buy from the shops when you can pick your own?
02 May 2022
  • Warning: the information on PYO fields location and opening times changes frequently! If you can, check ahead of your visit and keep your eyes peeled for fields that are not advertised – called “Selbst-pflucken felder” ! And do let us know if you find anymore PYO fields!

PYO Strawberries, Fremersdorf

You can pick your own strawberries in Fremersdorf at Erdbeer Land(about 40 minutes drive from Perl). You’re looking for Selbst-pflucken felder (self-picking fields). This field aims to be sustainable by avoiding using chemical plant protection, having professional soil preparation, practicing crop rotation and the use of beneficial insects.

Where: Herrenstraße, 66780 Fremersdorf, Germany (map – look for the little strawberry symbol near Merzig)

PYO Strawberries and other fresh produce, Oberkirch

Come to Bauer Greif farm pick fresh strawberries and purchase local produce. This farm also produces rhubarb, asparagus, salad leaves, berries and more (check out the full range and when they’ll be ready here). The farm practices sustainable agriculture through integrated cultivation, meaning they take advantage of birds, insects, and plants of the environment to serve as pesticide and herbicide.

Where: Bauer Greif, Oberkirch 8, 54294 Trier-Zewen, Germany (map)
Website (in German only)

PYO Strawberries, Holsthum

The strawberry season has started at Bauer Ehl! They have been around since 1995 and combine innovation with traditional cultivation methods to grow their produce. Take the Luxembourg to Saarbrucken motorway and then take the Borg exit, which is the second exit after crossing the Moselle and entering Germany. Upon leaving the motorway turn right in the direction of Borg and after about 2km you will see the strawberry fields on your right. You can bring your own containers or buy them there for a small fee.

  • Top tip: after picking your strawberries, you can enjoy a relaxing lunch at one of the local vineyards. Try Weingut Hellershof-Zilliken in Nittel, where you can eat in the garden surrounded by grapevines, AND its family friendly. The menu is small, but contains enough variety to please the whole family.

Where: Borg, Merzig/Ballern, Neuforweiler, Schwalbach/Elm, Germany. Please visit the website for detailed addresses and opening hours.
Website (in German only)

PYO Strawberries and other fresh produce, Peltre

France for a change and farm Cueillette De Peltre has everything! Check the calendar for different things to pick all year round – now’s definitely strawberry time! It’s a great place to take children and they have great ice-cream in the shop. They practice sustainable farming methods by reducing their herbicides and pesticides as well.

Where: Cueillette de Peltre, Av. de Strasbourg, 57245 Peltre, France (map) (Opposite l’hopital de mercy)
Website (in French only)

PYO flowers and other produce, Keispelt 

A Lill – Haff Famill Peller farm in Keispelt offers self picking flowers and vegetables. They sell beautiful tulips and vegetables such as carrots, beets, squash, etc!

Where: 31 rue de Kehlen 8295 Keispelt, Luxembourg


PYO raspberries and other fruit, Redu

This farm in Redu allows you to pick your own fruit from June until mid September. They also sell jams, other fruits, vinegars, and liqueurs. You can also come and quench your thirst in their tavern and eat their artisanal products.

Where: Rue de Daverdisse, 66,6890Redu