Rambling through Belvaux

If you’re looking for a beautiful stroll to enjoy this summer, you've come to the right place! This pleasant ramble leads you through the vicinity of Belvaux (lux. Bieles) and Soleuvre (lux. Zolwer) in the Minette region, where you can discover some features of its industrial past.
15 July 2023

Belvaux is a town located in southern Luxembourg. It is part of the commune of Sanem and is situated in the canton of Esch-sur-Alzette. Belvaux is known for its industrial activities, including the presence of several steel and iron works. The town is also surrounded by natural beauty, with nearby forests and recreational areas offering opportunities for outdoor activities, including the hike we are highlighting in this article!

Circuit Auto-Pédestre Belvaux

The Circuit Auto-pédestre Belvaux is a 9.21 km (5.72 mile) loop that runs both through and around the town of Belvaux. You will be immersed in some of the towns industrial history as well as the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

If you intend to walk the trail here are two ways to get to the trail head:

  • Public transport: Belvaux train station is a 7 Minute walk away.
  • Personal Vehicle: There is free parking with disc, for a maximum of 5 hours located at the start of the hike.

Departure and arrival are at 7 rue de Soleuvre in Belvaux opposite the town.

Here is how we recommend doing the hike itself!

The Hike

Start the tour in Belvaux at the roundabout near the town hall, the Biergerzenter de Belvaux. Head north and stroll over the wooded hillocks called “Pakebierg“, “Lötschet” and “Zolwerknapp” with some lookouts over the urban surroundings. These particular elevations, so-called outliers, succeed each other in a perfect row in front of the Dogger escarpment with its iron ore deposits. Geologically, they are resulting from the proximity of the Meuse-Rhine watershed.

These heights give you a mostly unobstructed view of Belval. From here you can observe the reconversion of this new urban district but also distinguish the vestiges of the towns industrial past with the Hauts Fournaux.

From here, you will quickly arrive at Soleuvre. Climb the “Zolwerknapp” hill, where you can discover the renovated well of a vanished castle, dating back to the VIIIth century, destroyed in 1552. Though the castle is no longer there, it is still fun to imagine what could have been!

Now start your return towards Belvaux and make a tour around the hillside of the “Gaalgebierg“, a former mining area. This has become a popular recreation spot with playgrounds, barbecue areas, educational trails (geology and mining history), toilets, a water point, fitness and mountain bike tracks.

There are also many picnic areas on the trail.

If you want to extend your stay in this area, we recommend bringing a picnic with you! There are also a variety of other hiking trails on the Gaalgebierg site itself, so if you are looking for something longer than the Belvaux hike then you have options! You could also stop into the recreational center – Fit-Parcours gaalgebierg.

If and when you are ready to go home, cross the town of Belvaux to get back to the starting point.

For the children:

  • Observe the ruins of a castle.
  • Go up in different observation towers.
  • Have fun on the multiple playgrounds of the Gaalgebierg.

Belvaux (9,27 km – Auto Pedestre)

Region: Minette

Duration: 2 h 50 min

Elevation: 329-421 m

Level: moderate (5/10)