Anna & Paul

Some of you may be familiar with Anna & Paul’s famous brioche or maybe you’ve seen them pop up on your TikTok page.
07 April 2021

Restaurant Feature- Anna & Paul

written by Brynn Pierce

Some of you may be familiar with Anna & Paul’s famous brioche or maybe you’ve seen them pop up on your TikTok page. We love Anna & Paul and spent learned about their history, concept and everything they have to offer!

Anna & Paul was founded by Pavel Silenchuk, an ice cream and coffee junkie from Russia. Paul was a movie translator and decided to try something new so he headed to Italy for gelato university! Paul studied there for a month and after a couple of years passed, he knew exactly what to do with this knowledge.

Anna is Paul’s daughter and the logo is inspired by their family’s journeys around the globe. Luxembourg is known for being diverse so they wanted to bring their ideas and impressions from their travels into a gelato shop.

Paul’s family works hard to share ideas and flavours from different countries with other people by bringing flavors to Luxembourg that don’t really exist here.

At Anna & Paul you will find classical ice cream flavours but also so much more. Some of our favourite flavours include avocado and lime and spritz. You will also find many tastes based on traditional dishes from other countries. They bake incredible brioche and serve it hot, crunchy and stuffed with delicious homemade ice cream.

Typically, ice cream parlors are for kids. However, Anna & Paul is meant to make kids feel comfortable while making adults feel like kids again. Adults are meant to feel like they are traveling back to their childhood in a hot air balloon!

Anna & Paul not only is a place for families to gather but it is also a family business. Anna is a consultant for the company and continues to come up with ideas for creative flavors. Paul, along with being the general manager, works with their French chef to invent flavours and plan menus.

Paul’s favorite part of working at Anna & Paul is inventing something new and sharing his discoveries with his customers. Visitors come to see something unexpected and he strives to meet their expectations. Brioche is their most popular menu item which comes in infinite combinations. Their pastries, coffee and chocolates are also super popular. They make their own pancakes influenced by Eastern European tradition and there is always something new to try!

Head over to Anna & Paul to enjoy coffee, delicious desserts and lots of fun! Check out Anna & Paul’s TikTok collaboration with us!