Dalmat Coffee House

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are featuring another business run by women! Dalmat Coffee House, located in Belval, has a great atmosphere with some of the most delicious coffee we’ve tasted. We interviewed the owners for the inside scoop on their cafe!
08 March 2021

Marie and Hélène did their studies together and have been friends for years. During maternity leave, Hélène decided that it was the perfect time to finally become her own boss and start a company. She knew that Marie would be the perfect partner to take this on with her.

Hélène and Marie did training in the South of Croatia, on an island named Kolocep, in the region of Dalmatia. This is how they came up with the perfect name for their company, Dalmat. The island looks like a squirrel from above and this is how the logo was born.

Dalmat Coffee House prides itself on serving fair trade coffee, using compostable materials and serving mostly homemade pastries and baked goods. Marie and Hélène welcome everyone and want their cafe to feel like a friendly, cozy environment. Since the cafe is located right around the university, they attract a lot of students, studying, enjoying the free wifi, games and books that the cafe offered pre-Covid. Like all of us, they are counting the days until they can have people back in their cafe!

Luxembourg is the perfect location for them because their customers are willing to pay for good quality that still comes at a good price. The cafe offers iced drinks, milk alternatives and even offers vegan treats so everyone can find something to enjoy!

Just like everyone else, they closed during the beginning of Covid. Even now that they are open it is tricky because most of their customers are from the university or businesses near by. However, they are so happy to be seeing everyone that comes in regularly again and of course the new faces too!

Hélène’s favorite part of working at the cafe is talking to the customers and Marie’s is creating a friendly and warm experience for her customers. Whether you have never been to Dalmat before or it’s been a while make sure to stop by!

Marie and Hélène are happy to own their own company and they love working together. While in the process of opening their cafe they did have the occasional issue with men treating them differently. However, they always came out stronger than before. After being friends for over ten years they feel they can get through anything together.

Most customers who come in order a cappuccino or a latte. Customer’s also love their original drinks such as Dalmaccino, golden latte or beetroot latte, they also have a large selection of hot and cold drinks. Hélène’s favorite drink is the mocha and Marie’s is the Vanilla Tcha ï Latte and every month the cafe has a drink of choice which is always fun to try!

Check out Dalmat’s Instagram to see what they are up to! Be sure to watch our TikTok to see their amazing space and how they make 2 of their best drinks!