This week we spoke with Laure Goedert, owner of Glow- meal by meal. Glow is an amazing vegan and veggie food cafe in Bonnevoie, Luxembourg. There are so many reasons why you should check out this awesome place!
30 March 2021

Glow was founded in August of 2016 with a very small staff of 5 people. The cafe has since evolved step by step with new decorations and furniture and from mostly vegetarian cuisine to mainly vegan. Glow tries to be as plant based as possible. They produce fresh, healthy delicious veggie food for a reasonable budget. They serve breakfast/brunch and lunch, with a main focus on breakfast because it is Laure’s favorite meal!

Laure had the dream of opening her own coffee place/restaurant for a very long time so when she saw an open location she knew it was time to fulfil her dream! She settled on the name Glow because it stands for happiness from within-healthy, active, kind and cozy. Laure says she “wants to Glow and make other people Glow as well.”

Laure chooses the menu of the day with her team, places the orders with her suppliers and manages the social media, which is very important and takes a lot of time. Most importantly, Laure works hard to take good care of her lovely team and customers. Her favorite part of the day is getting to see the customers. Laure loves the smiles and positive feedback. She also loves working with her amazing team!

Most people head to Glow for breakfast. Their avocado toast and gluten-free vegan pancakes are always a hit. They also serve fresh colorful bowls, such as the Harvest Bowl which people love. Of course, you can’t go wrong with their fresh juices, desserts, coffee and matcha lattes! Now’s the time to order their incredible vegan Easter menu or pick up a vegan chocolate bunny soon!

A little gift for you….make Glow’s smoothie at home!

Ingredients – Apple, Spinach, Banana, Avocado, Coconut Milk

Directions- Add ingredients to taste and blend! Top with chia seeds for an extra health boost!

Thankfully, Glow and its customers were able to adapt very quickly during Corona. Glow is so grateful for the ongoing support! Check out our TikTok for what you can look forward to at Glow!