Las Maracas

Another one of our favorite food trucks, Las Maracas, is a locally owned authentic Mexican food truck. We talked with the owners and found the history and meaning behind their business. They also included recipes for 2 of their best sides!
04 March 2021

Las Maracas, founded by 2 women, Andrea and Valeria, from the center of Mexico, provides real authentic Mexican food. Their aim is to deliver authentic Mexican food because they know it is hard to find in the small country of Luxembourg. Andrea mentions how people here are very familiar with Tex-mex but Mexico is such a large country, there is so much to offer. They make things like tacos and quesadillas that are authentic to Mexico.

Andrea and Valeria

Andrea discussed how lucky she is to have found Valeria and how thankful she is that Las Maracas is where it is today. Andrea had the idea for the truck and Valeria is a chef which makes them the perfect team. This is why they love the name, Las Maracas.

They originally set out for a Mexican graphic designer because they would know the culture and the colors and understand what they wanted their food truck to stand for. When the designer showed Andrea and Valeria what she had been working on they both fell in love with the name. Maracas are always found in pairs and work together in a rhythm. Valeria and Andrea compliment each other in the perfect way with Andrea as the manager and Valeria the chef. Andrea discussed how honored she is to work with another girl boss and how much they have learned as they found their perfect rhythm together.

At the beginning of Corona their truck closed just like everything else. When things opened up more in May it was difficult to manage because they still had kids at home. Thankfully though they were able to start the truck back up. Andrea and Valeria would like everyone to know how thankful they are for their support and business. As soon as they got back up and running they were so happy to see familiar faces and smiles. They are very happy and grateful to be happy and good and just want to say thank you!

Luxembourg is the perfect places for their truck as there aren’t a lot of Mexican offerings and their is such an international public here. On Wednesdays for example, when they are in Kirchberg, they have customers from Latin America, India, and Spain, for example, all excited to try something different and new.

The ingredients needed in order to get the real flavor of their food are very specific and not always easy to get. However, they have two great recipes that you can find all of the ingredients for right here in Luxembourg!



3 Fresh avocados

1 Small chopped onion

A tiny pinch of coriander

A pinch of Salt

The juice of 1 lemon

Optional: Add chopped tomato on top after you have mixed the previous ingredients.

Mash these ingredients together and to add at least the juice of one lemon then some salt and the job is done. The avocados need to be ripe enough so the preparation of this recipe is easy and tasty.

Cactus Salad


1 Jar of Tender cactus (or half a fresh cactus)

3 Chopped tomatoes

1 Onion

A small bunch of coriander

The juice of 2 lemons

Olive oil


The procedure is similar to the guacamole recipe, no need to mash anything, though. The easiest way to get cactus in Europe is in jars, ready to eat. Otherwise, in Spain some small farmers are producing it now fresh!

For both recipes the chef advices that you taste as you go to make sure the taste is perfect for you!

Enjoy these amazing recipes or try it fresh from their truck! Find their different locations and schedule here. Thank you so much to Andrea and Valeria! Check out our TikTok of our visit!