Papilla by Notaro

You may have heard of the delicious Italian restaurant Notaro in Clausen or their second address Culturando in Limpertsberg, but have you discovered Papilla yet?
04 May 2021

The name Notaro comes from the family name, Notaroberto. The family business was started by Mario Notaroberto and is now run by his two sons Livio and Dario.

Papilla directly translates to taste buds and papillon in French means butterfly which is how they chose together with Pietro, the logo creator and family friend, the butterfly shaped pasta for their logo. The symbolism behind the butterfly is also seen in their catering business in the way that a butterfly flies from flower to flower, they go from house to house delivering delicious Italian food.

The first opening of Notaro was in 1992 which means the restaurant will celebrate its 30th birthday next year! Culturando was established in 2014 and both since the beginning are still family operated.

Even their head chef, Sandro Mazzola, has been with them since 1993 and is considered family. He is also the shop-manager of the new-born Papilla.

The planning of Papilla started just this past year during COVID. As their restaurants took a hit during the pandemic, they did not lose hope and wanted to keep busy. A space opened around the corner, and they knew it was the perfect time to fill the void for a fresh Italian grocery store, still missing in one of the oldest and most charming districts in town, Clausen.

Every week the shop imports local treats from their small corner in the Campania region, South of Italy as well as a wider wine selection from around Italy.\

The family still has an estate there, Fattoria Albamarina, named after their mom Marina, where they produce 40,000 bottles of wine per year and export across Europe.

Recently, Notaro hired a true born Neapolitan Pizzaiolo & Street Food Chef, Diego, who makes sure that Papilla is everyday filled with his hometown specialities like “Pizza fritta” or ”Calzones” something everyone will love, transporting you into the streets of Napoli.

The Notaroberto Family’s mission is to spread the Italian Culture of drinking and eating well, where quality is always the priority.

Mario is so proud of his sons. He set a high standard for his sons to follow and while at one point he may have doubted that some of their ideas would work, Livio and Dario saw this as a push for them to put their best work forward and to make it happen!

Mario Notaroberto

Livio and Dario are so proud to be continuing their family legacy. Livio’s favorite part of work is the contact he has with his customers, new and old. He loves seeing big smiles on everyone’s faces and sharing his part of Italy with the world!

They hope to open their outdoor dining soon! In the meantime, be sure to stop by to pick up your Italian cooking supplies, a quick lunch, or just have a great conversation with the employees! Check out our TikTok for a sneak peak inside the store.