Scott’s Pub

You’ve probably heard us mention Scott’s Pub many times, but we can’t get enough! Yesterday we interviewed the manager & bartender to learn more about this hot spot and we even snagged 3 amazing drink recipes for you to try at home!
25 February 2021
Scott’s Pub’s weekend food truck

Scott’s Pub, founded in 1985, has been ran by the current owners for the past 20 years. The restaurant has an amazing location right in the Grund. The manager, Diogo, would describe Scott’s Pub as a place for young people, locals, expats and food lovers from all over the world to enjoy the sunshine, terrace and a typically very lively environment.\

Like all restaurants, Covid has had a dramatic effect on their usual business and will change how they do things in the future. Diogo, like all of us, isn’t quite sure what the new normal will be, but Scott’s will be ready to innovate and face it head on.

Currently, Scott’s Pub has a food truck on the weekends, as mentioned in our food truck article. Each weekend they have a guest chef and bartender showcasing lots of different types of food. Diogo mentioned that Scott’s Pub is trying to promote and support other businesses during the Covid crisis. This weekend, February 27th, the food truck will be hosting an Italian chef, Trattoria da Gino.

I was also lucky enough to speak with one of their current guest bartenders, Joao Russo. Joao makes drinks to go with the different meals that the chef has on the menu. He always makes drinks with different local and seasonal ingredients. Scott’s Pub works with Wengler for drink supplies and includes something that the kitchen offers.

Scott’s Pub’s weekend food truck

Here are three drink recipes to try at home!

Non-Alcoholic- Chamomile Spirits

2cl Fermented Budhand,

2cl Cucumber Shrub,

3cl Citrus Cordial

3cl Seedlip

Top off with chamomile soda

Alcoholic- Dear Paloma

3cl Don Julio Tequila

2cl Bloody Orange Liqueur- homemade at Scott’s Pub

1cl Agave

1cl Quince Vinegar- homemade at Scott’s Pub

Top off with grapefruit soda

Joao’s favorite drink to make- Margarita (makes 2)

6cl Don Julio Tequila

6cl Mezcal casa amigo

Pineapple juice (to taste)

Lime juice (to taste)

Splash of jalapeño vinegar and simple syrup

Check out our TikTok of Joao making the Margarita! Let us know if you try any of these drinks, we love them! Be sure to try Scott’s Pub on the weekend. Thank you to Joao and Diogo for giving us the inside scoop!