Restaurant Le Mont Dorf

Looking for a picturesque dinner but don't have the time to make it to Switzerland? Restaurant Le Mont Dorf has you covered. Serving cheese-related specialties, house-made cocktails, and desserts that will leave you wanting more, this restaurant is a must-try this season!
17 November 2021

On Friday November 12, the restaurant Le Mont Dorf opened its doors to the public. This temporary restaurant located in Mondorf-les-Bains, in the heart of the well-known Domaine Thermal, is open until December 31st and offers something for everyone! 

The restaurant is located inside the Anciens Thermes, the old building of the thermal baths until 1988. The room is now used for various events such as conferences, meetings, and pop-up restaurants such as this one! The room is decorated to resemble a ski resort in the Swiss alps during wintertime. With depictions of mountains, decorated chalets and fountains, wooden tables, and festive chandeliers made out of antlers, you have to see it to believe it!

At this restaurant you can find a wide variety of menu options such as burgers, vegan burgers, salads, pasta, salmon, soup, foie-gras, a wide range of desserts, and most notably their cheese-related specialities. They offer traditional raclette, fondue, pierrade and more that will leave you stuffed at the end. Most of the products on the menu are locally sourced or vegetarian, so if you’re worried about a lack of options, don’t be. For a full look into the food menu, click here

One thing that makes this place so special is that the cheese is melted right before your eyes using various warmers. You also get the opportunity to cook your own meat and vegetables as you please using a portable grill top that is located at the table! 

Full-Service Bar | Photo by: Mondorf Domaine Thermal

If you are looking for a place to grab a few drinks and light appetizers with friends, but not indulge in the cheesy goodness of the full restaurant, Le Mont Dorf has a full-service bar waiting for you! You can choose to sit inside at high top tables, on the couches located right inside, or you have the option to have a few fireside drinks outdoors (don’t worry blankets are provided). The bar has all the usual cocktails a regular bar would have, but they do also offer a selection of house-made specialties that are a must-try, such as the snowball and the cocktail Le Mont Dorf! For a full drink menu, click here

The restaurant offers two special events during its few weeks of operation. On Thursday, November 25, they will be hosting cheesy ladies night. This event is only for women (sorry boys, you can’t indulge in the cheesy goodness that night) and it is free entry as well. The second event is on Friday, December 31, The Night of St. Sylvestre. This event occurs on the final day of the restaurant, and you won’t want to miss the festivities, so book your table now!

Outdoor Seating area | Photo by: Mondorf Domaine Thermal

The restaurant itself is open from November 12 until December 31. It is open every day except Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and public holidays. 

If you would like to try Le Mont Dorf, whether it is for the drinks or food, you will need to make a reservation in advance. To make a reservation, click here. As of now, the restaurant is complying with all COVID-19 restrictions, so you must show proof of vaccination, negative test, or show proof of recovery to enter the building.