Restaurant Review: Bella Ciao

We finally managed to try Italian Restaurant Bella Ciao! Read on for the CSL MAG verdict.
23 September 2022

Bella Ciao is marketed as a restaurant with the Taste of good company, and it definitely lived up to its promise!

Located near the center of Luxembourg City, we couldn’t miss the restaurant with its crowded outdoor patio. You can see the bar from the outside of the restaurant, and its design will definitely catch your eye.

We went during a weeknight, and the restaurant was hopping. We sat inside, as the patio is very popular and you needed a reservation. They have a lively bar along with a fun overall atmosphere!

The first thing we did when we sat down was look through the extensive drink menu. They had every drink you could think of, along with fruity specialty cocktails. Our favorite cocktail had to be the American Tropical, as it was fruity and refreshing.

To go along with our drinks we got an appetizer. We agreed on getting the meat and cheese board which was amazing, and a good sharing size for 5 people. It was eaten up in seconds!

As the appetizers were quickly gone, we ordered some pizzas. They had 26 pizza options which were all so unique. Of course we each had to get our own, as we were in awe of how amazing they looked coming out of the kitchen. 

We ordered, and then about 15 minutes later our pizzas arrived! Each one was fantastic. We especially enjoyed the pizza with ham and burrata!

And it just kept getting better and better with the dessert! We ordered the strawberry cheesecake, and nutella crepe. So good and sweet, the perfect way to end dinner.

Overall we’d say Bella Ciao has great food, service and atmosphere. It’s the place for a fun night out with friends, or a family dinner. We can’t wait to go back! 

Bella Ciao
Address: 3 Avenue Monterey, Luxembourg City
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 11:30am-1am