Restaurant Review: Mamacita

Check out our latest lunch review of the cool, Mexican-inspired restaurant Mamacita!
mamacita restaurant city savvy luxembourg
14 September 2022

The moment we saw nachos on the menu, we packed up and headed to Mexican-inspired restaurant Mamacita.

Located in the northern part of the city center, Mamacita is a tiny but vibrant restaurant on Rue de Bains. Though small in size, we found it easily due to the crowd of customers dining at their outdoor tables. As we walked into the restaurant around noon, we were sat immediately at a table outside next to a couple clearly enjoying their meals. The inside of the restaurant was smaller but had nice ambience and a full bar perfect for a night out. 

The first menu we looked at was the drink menu, which had a vast selection of specialty Mexican-inspired cocktails as well as wine and beer. Though we opted out of a cocktail, we know we’re headed back to try their house margarita and cucumber suave.

After perusing the drink menu, we opened the food menu to a very large selection of Mexican dishes. Some of these included guacamole, birria tacos (a must-try), burritos, quesadillas, and our favorite, nachos. There were lots of options that fit into many different diets, including vegetarian and vegan options.

We ended up ordering Mamacita’s Grande Guacamole, Nachos con Carne de Mamacita, and Nachos Frescos. After our waiter came over to take our order, we closed up our menus and waited eagerly for our meals.

After around 20 minutes, all of our food came out to our table. The first thing we noticed about the food was just how vibrant it looked. In both dishes, there were multiple bright, fresh colors coming from the different ingredients: bright red from the tomatoes, green from the guacamole, white from the sour cream, and, my favorite, pink from the pickled onions. All of this truly added to the overall experience of eating this food.

After about a minute of admiring our nachos, we dug in. Though it was a little challenging to eat because there was so much on it, the flavors truly meshed well together and created a zesty and unique bite each time.

The portions were fair for the price (around 14-15 Euro for each dish) and left us satisfied by the end of lunch. 

With a large, well-crafted menu and great location within the city center, we would totally recommend trying Mamacita for a bite and drinks. Next time, we’ll be ordering the Birria tacos and margaritas!

Let us know if you want us to go back to Mamacita’s!