Spas of the City

You deserve to make your wellness a top priority this season! Unwind, rejuvenate, and pamper yourself at the top-rated spas in Luxembourg. Your tranquil escape awaits!
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20 September 2023

Spa Escape

This urban spa specializes in holistic wellness and nourishing self care that eliminates those toxins in many ways. There are countless options for facials that specialize in aromatherapy using high quality organic oils. They use ‘Aromatherapy Associates’ a brand shipped from France that are a guaranteed peaceful experience.

Spa Escape truly has something for everyone. Their motto ‘Escape from busy-ness’ is really put into perspective with options such as hand and foot care that give you a break from your busy schedule. This place is unique due to its practitioners that take pride in their maternity treatment plans that are customized for a moment of comfort during the weeks of pregnancy.

Address: 16 Rue des Franciscaines, 1539 Belair Luxembourg

Contact: & 352 621647637 

Just Zen

Best known for their passion of wellness and rejuvenating massages, Just Zen will bring out your inner zen at times of distress. They want you to better your days by joining them on a ‘journey to a healthier life’ through taking the time for self care.

Their five star services include massage therapy, osteotherapy, natureotherapy and nutritional support all for a positive experience. Known for their reasonable prices and promotions, this is definitely a place to stop by anytime you need some peace and relaxation in the city of Luxembourg.

Address: 54 Rue de la Forêt, 1534 Cessange Luxembourg

Contact: & +352 691412266.

Mondorf Domaine Thermal

A fun spa and boutique! This is a perfect spot to go especially if you have a free Saturday. This location is not just a relaxing spa with many massage packages but also a place that offers cure for anything health related. Get your health in check with respiratory illness treatments, long term covid relief and medicated thermal baths.

Come to the Soins spa for mineral based spa treatments known to destress and distract you from the outside world. After you’re relaxed and the stress is combatted, you have the option to pick up some food or a Pilates class at this large facility.

Address: Avenue des Bains B.P. 52. L-5601 Mondorf-les-Bains

Contact: (+352) 23 666 – 666

Chateau Urspelt (Nuxe Spa)

Need a weekend away or even an entire week? Skip off to a beautiful chateau located in a rural village. This elegant hotel offers so many amenities around the building that theres no way you’ll be stressed. Their Wellness and Nuxe spa features body, beauty and well being treatments that are medical and non medical.

Their extensive treatment menu ranges from short sessions to private 90 minute sessions in a room of tranquility that includes treatment cabins, hammocks, saunas, relaxing areas and a unique red cavern pool.

Address: Am Schlass, 9774 Urspelt Clerf

Contact: & 352 26 90 56 87 


Recharge and revive your health, wellness and relaxation at the Sentosa private spa. You can get a facial here that’s over an hours time of treatment and highly beneficial to the skin as well. These include balancing rose water and products signature to Sentosa.

There’s many products for sale to bring tranquility to your home after your reservation. Be sure to check out their line of ‘Africology’ featuring soaps and lotions filled with unique natural ingredients. These formulas are integrated with anti-aging properties!

Address: 24 Bohey, 9647 Bohey Donkels Wanseler

Contact: 26 95 04 15

Mercure Luxembourg Kikuoka Hôtel

The ideal place to unwind for however long you would like! This hotel features a full spa with a green golf course view. This retreat is the ideal relaxation spot with quiet rooms and a terrace. The spa at this location offers equipment such as saunas, sanarium, hammam, indoor and heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, infrared cabins, massage rooms and a relaxation room.

Grab a bite to eat after taking advantage of the hotels many features. Relax outside at the Um Scheierhaff bistro. With a well recommended chef, this hotel is sure to bring you a relaxing stay with gourmet meals!

Address: Scheierhaff, 5412 Kanech Lenneng

Contact: & 352 26 35 41 

Le Royal Hotel Spa

Enjoy premium comfort and relaxation at a grand hotel. Walk over to the club for a moment of calm by using their easily accessible facilities. The spa uses a line of ‘comfort zone products’ products designed for men and women. These are used for the massages, anti-aging cures, hydrating facials and purifying treatments.  

Pamper yourself at the spas open heated indoor swimming pool all year round. The waters said to relieve fatigue and stress.

Address: 12 Bd Royal, 2449 Ville-Haute Luxembourg



An open fitness spa and pool makes this place an easy spot to hit. Included at this facility is the well known Pidal spa with saunas, heated log cabins and cool pool for stress release.

Come to Pidal for a massage, facial or private room. They have been recognized for their high quality natural products from Germany used in the services. The Vinoble cosmetics system uses elderberry extract known for healthful antioxidants.

Address: 37 Rue des Prés, 7246 Helmsange Walferdange


Enjoy your spa time, Let us know if we missed a place!