1 Pl. de Metz
1930 Luxembourg

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 6:00pm


Since its foundation in 1856, Spuerkeess has been solely owned by the Luxembourg State. The statutory missions of the Bank consist in promoting savings, facilitating access to housing and supporting the development of the national economy. 

Today, Spuerkeess is the leader in both the retail banking and domestic SME markets and is a universal and systemic bank, recognised well beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

The international rating agencies have awarded Spuerkeess AA+ (Standard & Poor’s) and Aa2 (Long term Deposit Rating, Moody’s) ratings. 

The magazine Global Finance ranks Spuerkeess among the safest banks in the world and has recognised it for many years with the “Safest Bank Award – Luxembourg”. 

Spuerkeess received the titles of “Luxembourg’s Best Bank 2022” from The Banker and “Luxembourg’s Best Investment Bank & Sustainable Finance 2023” at Global Finance’s Sustainable Finance Awards. 

Languages: English/Luxembourgish/German/French   

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Website: Visit www.spuerkeess.lu for more information

Phone number: +352 40151

Email: sdi@spuerkeess.lu

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