Taylor Swift & Her Record Breaking Success

Taylor Swift has been on a record breaking track record recently, as she has become the first female artist to hit 100 million monthly listeners on Spotify. 
20 September 2023
Photo:Michael Tran/AFP/Getty Images

This comes after Swift’s record-breaking Eras tour has been estimated to have made more than $1billion through ticket sales and merchandise. When her tour wraps up in November 2024, it’s estimated to be the highest-grossing tour of all time with an estimated $1.4bn in revenue – which is half a billion more than Elton John’s farewell tour, who is the current record holder. On opening night of the Eras tour, an incredible 69,000 fans turned up which put Swift as the most-attended concert by a female artist in the US, overtaking Madonna. 

Taylor Swift has achieved more number one albums than any other woman, with Spotfiy speaking out on her recent record, donning it as “queen behaviour.” The 33 year old is in the process of re-releasing her first six albums after a dispute with her old label, the next re-recorded album (1989 – Taylor’s Version) is set for release on 27th October. Taylor Swift has faced countless criticisms and challenges in her rise to fame and success. Being branded as a “man-eater” and with hyper focus around who her songs are about, despite her male musician counterparts doing the same but not receiving anywhere near the attention or critique.

Swift continues to be praised for the positive and empowering messaging she projects to her audience, as she tackles key issues such as the patriarchy in her hit song “The Man” and how she is a powerful ally for the LGBTQ community with “You Need to Calm Down”.

As the next leg of the Eras tour resumes on October 14th in the US before kick starting her International leg in Argentina in November, there is one thing for certain – Taylor Swift is not slowing down and is set to break even more records along the way!