“That’s Amore” Our Top Picks for Dining Out this Valentine’s Day

07 February 2022

Luxembourg’s cobbled streets, stunning views and spectacular architecture makes an ideal backdrop for strolling hand in hand. Is there anything better than being in love with Luxembourg AND sharing a table with your sweetheart? Where to go to celebrate Valentine’s can be a challenge. As usual, City Savvy has plenty of  ideas of where to book the perfect table to celebrate the day dedicated to love.


Guillou Campagne

This Michelin star restaurant offers a tranquil environment with the most beautiful floral centerpieces perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can choose from their extravagant dishes during the evening, or taste their special lunchtime menu of 4 courses including a dessert for 39 Euros or 3 courses without dessert for 34 Euros per person. If you want to celebrate early with family, check out their Sunday lunchtime menu for 89 Euros per person, and you can bring your pup for a special treat!

Good for: a short relaxation break from the city 

Where:17-19 Rue de la Résistance L-4996 Schouweiler, Luxembourg
When: February 13 – 15 lunch or dinnertime 
Damage: +/- 100 Euros per person
Contact: Tel:+352 37 00 08


If you are looking for a simple take on luxury cuisine, Fani is the perfect dinner date location. The interior of this Michelin star restaurant is simple yet classy, sure to impress your special date. All tastebuds are accommodated at Fani through their vegetarian menu. 

Good for: the creative couple looking to try something new

Where: 17-19 Rue de la Résistance, 4996 Dippach
When: February 13th- 15th lunch or dinnertime
Damage: +/- 100 Euros per person 
Contact: Tel: +352 26 65 06 60


Comprised of a wine bar and restaurant, NYX is a high energy, modern restaurant to take your date this Valentine’s Day. The high ceilings, black interior, and rustic wood make for a sharp and high end dining experience. NYX offers a 3 course meal option for 45 Euros, a 5 course option for 70 Euros, and a 7 course option for 95 Euros per person if you are looking to explore the menu in depth. 

Good for: a upbeat lunch with a lover or friend

Where: 13, Boulevard du Jazz L-4370 Belvaux Luxembourg
When: February 13 – 15 lunch or dinnertime
Damage: +/- 45-100 Euros per person 
Contact+352 20 80 01 61

 La Manufacture

La Manufacture is perfect for any meat loving couple! Try their mature meats from four different countries of Luxembourg, Spain, Finland, and Poland for a total of 12 different varieties of meat steaks. If you’re feeling extra fancy, place an order of caviar for two! 

Good for: dining on a hunk of meat next to your hunk of…

Where: Zone d’ Activité Bourmicht, 5 rue Des Mérovingiens, 8070 Bertrange
When: February 13 – 15 lunch or dinnertime
Damage: +/- 35 Euros per person

Bosque FeVi

If you’re a couple who loves tapas, check out Bosque FeVi’s tasting menu for 10 dishes at 87 Euros per person, and it is possible to add an extra 53 Euros for wines included. If the tasting menu doesn’t float your boat, there are plenty of tapas and entrees to choose from. For any couple interested in an extended stay, Bosque FeVi is a part of The Seven Hotel that is offering a romance package of 1 night in a Deluxe room, breakfast in the room, romantic decoration, 1 bottle of cava, and 1 bouquet of flowers for 277 Euros.  

Good for: feeling fancy and romantic

Where: Park Gaalgebierg, 4142 Esch-sur-Alzette
When: February 13 – 15 lunch or dinnertime
Damage: +/- 87 Euros per person
Contact54 02 28

Mama Shelter

Are you and your partner looking for a cheaper, more relaxed cool and classic dinner spot? Mama Shelter has a Mediterranean inspired menu crafted by renowned French Jean-Edern Hurstel that includes pizzas and salads galore. You can also extend your stay at Mama Shelter with their Valentine’s Day deal of a complimentary drink at the bar, the room night, dinner (starter, main course and dessert) and breakfast for two for only 239 Euros!

Good for: making the night last a little longer.

Where: 2 Rue du Fort Niedergruenewald, 1616 Luxembourg
When: February 13 – 15 lunch or dinnertimeDamage:+/- 15 Euros per person
Contact20 80 44 00

D’gelle Klack

This charming restaurant serves upscale classic dishes such as steak tartare, shrimp with saffron sauce, and vegetarian curry. It is the perfect atmosphere for light conversations and laughs with loved ones. You can also join D’gelle Klack for their Saint-Valentin Lovers package at Hotel Parc Beaux-Arts that includes a night at the hotel, a bottle of Cremant, and a dinner and breakfast.

Good for: a cozy Lux staycation 

Where: Passage Gelle Klack 2161 Luxembourg
When: February 13 – 15 lunch or dinnertime
Damage: +/- 15 Euros per person 
Contact: +352 26 86 76 32