The Best Climbing Walls & Adventure Parks in Luxembourg

​​Looking for a bit of adventuring? Luxembourg has numerous adventure parks for you to try your hand at rock climbing, wall climbing, and outdoor ropes courses. Here are a few of our favourite places!
27 August 2023

Bouldering in Luxembourg

Boulder Klub Lëtzebuerg and the National Climbing Community have cooperated to create an amazing indoor climbing experience that is one of a kind in Luxembourg! The climbing sequences feature low-height artificial walls to offer a unique experience to bouldering. Climbers must be at least 14 years old, and each session is between 2-10 € (cash only). If you plan to boulder at the Boulder Klub Letzebuerg, be sure to bring your own climbing equipment as the facilities do not rent out gear to the public. The climbing center is located in the basement of an elementary school in Luxembourg City (12 rue du Pont).

The center is open Monday through Wednesday 6 Friday from 6pm-9pm and on Sundays from 3pm-6pm.

Climbing Wall d’Coque

Coque mur d’escalade is THE climbing wall in Luxembourg City! This one is 13.5 meters tall and has more than 150 routes. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Climbing Wall d’Coque accommodates everyone with difficulty ranging from level 3 to 9. You can also register for a climbing class or just free climb.

Access for free climbing is allowed from 14 years old; anyone under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Additionally, all climbers need to sign a waiver before accessing the climbing wall.

Equipment such as shoes, a sling, rope, belay systems, and chalk bags are available to rent for €3.20 per idem. You can also rent out the climbing wall for private events! Single entry ranges from €3.50-€15.50 (38 for a family). You can also purchase a climbing subscription for periods ranging from 3 months to a year.


Monday-Friday from 6:30am to 10:00pm

Saturday from 7:30 to 8:00pm

Sunday from 7:30 to 6:00pm

Climbing at Youth Hostel Echternach

If you ever find yourself in Echternach, the youth hostel has plenty of fun activities, including a climbing wall and boulder area! Climbing enthusiasts will love the free climbing on the 14m high indoor climbing wall. Anyone can access the wall upon request. There are also beginner courses for both adults and children. Additionally, free climbing and bouldering is accessible to 5 year olds with the supervision of an adult, which makes rock climbing a fun family activity!

Climbing initiation, which requires registration in advance, is held on Tuesday/Friday from 5:30pm-7:30pm & Saturday/Sunday from 2:20pm-4:30pm. Free climbing is offered Tuesday/Friday from 7pm-10pm & Saturday/Sunday from 4pm-7pm.

Prices for free climbing range from €6-€9 . You can also purchase 10 entries (for the price of 9), or a monthly or annual subscription.

RedRock Climbing Center

Redrock Climbing Center offers the largest and newest climbing wall in Luxembourg! The 1400m2 center has a 15.5-meter tall climbing wall and a 4.2-meter-tall bouldering room. Skilled climbers are welcome to independently use the bouldering room, whereas new climbers are required to take a separate climbing course.

Access to free climbing is authorized from 14 years old. Those under the age of 14 require adult supervision. All climbers must sign a safety waiver before accessing the climbing wall and other facilities. 

All necessary equipment can be rented on site or purchased in the climbing shop. There is also a cafeteria serving hot/cold drinks and various food options as well. Transportation to the RedRock Climbing center is also convenient as it is situated near the Belvaux-Soleuvre train and bus station. Parking is also easy; there’s a huge parking lot next door with 150 spaces.

Entry starts from €8. You can also purchase packs of entries, monthly or annual subscriptions.You can find the full price list and various options here.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 2pm-10pm

Tuesday/Thursday from 10am-10pm

Saturday/Sunday/public holidays from 9am-7pm

You don’t have to make a reservation in order to climb, but it’s recommended so you can ensure you get a spot!

Rock Climbing Berdorf

If you’re an expert climber who wants to scale the walls outdoors. The Wanterbach rocks in Berdorf are the perfect choice. The walls are available for climbing for members of a climbing association. The climbing association must also be a member of an international climbing association, specifically UIAA or IFSC. A certificate of your membership and an ID card must be presented to nature conservation officials. This is to ensure that you’re climbing safely, as Berdorf isn’t a supervised climbing wall like the others on this list.

Steinfort Adventure

This is the perfect place for mixing outdoor fun with eco-tourism! You’ll get to climb through the trees and pick a specific route based on your experience. There are even routes for the littlest climbers! In addition to climbing, you can explore the surrounding woodlands by going for walks and having picnics.

The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am-6pm. The last departure for the course is at 3pm.

Admission is free for kids aged 4-6 years old. Other admission rates start at €14. You can see the various rates here. Job seekers are offered a 50% discount, and you’ll save 30% with a Luxembourg Card!

Reservations are necessary in order to ensure safety on the courses, and you can make one by calling +352 27 39 53 00 or the contact form. In total, there are 10 courses and 91 workshops all of different levels!

Parc Le’h Adventures

This is another opportunity for you to climb with the trees! You’ll get to choose from seven routes made up of nets, rope bridges, ziplines, and rope swings. There are also lower courses for children and anyone with a fear of heights, as the maximum height for the toughest routes is 17 meters. And Parc Le’h has a restaurant as well! It’s not connected with the climbing park, but it’s an excellent place to have drinks or a meal after a long afternoon of adventure!

The park is open almost every day from 10am-7pm, but it’s best to check here for the exact opening days/times.

Prices are determined by age and hours spent on the park and start at €15 for 2 hours. You can find then complete rate list here.

L’Escale Arlon

L’Escale Arlon welcomes climbing enthusiasts to enjoy their climbing wall and bouldering room regardless of skill level. The Track Room offers light or steep routes up to 17m high, and is for levels from 3 to 8. The Block Room features 500 new boulders per year to allow climbers to come and try new courses that challenge them. 

If you are planning on heading over to L’escale, don’t worry about bringing any climbing equipment as the facility rents out gear to their climbers. One session at L’escale can range from 7-12€ depending on the age of the climber, while a bundle pack for 10 sessions is 100€ and 50 sessions is 450€. Subscriptions are also available to climbing enthusiasts, starting at 140€ for 3 months and 420€ for a year!


Monday through Friday from 12pm to 10.30pm

Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 8pm


Are you a beginner to rock climbing? Look no further, because D-Summit is a great place to learn how to climb safely! D-Summit has organized initiation days at their facilities to teach the practice of climbing and belaying. The climbing wall offers a 14.5m high wall with over 60 routes across the bouldering structure. 

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult before they are able to access the wall and/or bouldering structure. Additionally, all minors must present parental authorization. 

If you are eager to climb at D-Summit, the facility offers daily admission tickets, as well as semester and annual subscriptions. Membership cards are also available to individuals and families, and includes a 15% off everything membership quirk! 

As a member of a climbing federation D-Summit offers classes from 100-150€ and kindly rents out climbing gear to all participants. 


Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 4pm – 10pm

Saturday/Sunday from 9am – 7pm