The Four Golden Rules to Consume Better and Less

ING share their tips on how to control your spending & how to buy more responsibly.
13 April 2023

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Many experts agree on one point: the recent successive crises, whether they be health, energy or economic, are profoundly changing our purchasing habits. Today, most of us want to consume better, in a more thoughtful and less impulsive way. But how can we do this? Here are some tips for wasting less and buying more responsibly while controlling your spending.

Think local

Opt for products grown or manufactured in Luxembourg. Choose neighbourhood stores rather than large retail chains. Also opt for the services offered by local tradespersons instead of going through multinationals. Of course, consuming exclusively local is not always possible or even desirable. There is nonetheless a huge choice since Luxembourg abounds in high quality products, talented craftworkers and skilled shopkeepers. Moreover, apart from the fact that buying local can be financially advantageous in some cases, giving small local shops your custom also helps strengthen the community’s social bond and enables us all to live together better.

If you want to buy local and regional short circuit products but do not know where to look for them, you will find everything you need on Luxembourg online sales sites. The Luxcaddy online supermarket has been up and running since 2007 and has a wide range of local specialties and you can find recipes with “made in Luxembourg” ingredients on the Luxcaddy blog. The Letzshop platform is funded by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and several cities and municipalities. All shop owners in Luxembourg can promote their stores and sell their products on the site. The online store was launched in 2020 by a producers’ cooperative in Beckerich. It is an even more socially committed and locally rooted player. It only sells organic, socially responsible and locally produced products. Finally, is in the same vein as it markets organic and local products in deposit-based reusable jars, thus reducing packaging to the strict minimum.

Promote the circular economy

You should also look at re-using products. The second-hand market, particularly in fashion, is diversifying and Luxembourg is no exception to this. Vintage stores, clothes sold per kilo and thrift shops are flourishing all over the country and some of them even offer a wide selection of second-hand luxury brands. There is also a Luxembourg online platform – – that enables you to buy and sell not only clothes, shoes and other clothing accessories between individuals but also children’s furniture, decorative objects, video games and consoles as well as books.

Buy for a long time

Beware of very low prices and prioritise quality over quantity. It is better to buy less but better quality. This applies to all products, and in particular to household appliances and tech devices. An appliance made from robust materials and readily available spare parts, that has simple functionality and no unnecessary complexities will break down less often and be easier to repair. It will certainly be a little more expensive than average but will give you invaluable services for a long time.

Think twice before you go to the checkout

Not buying is sometimes the right decision. But how do you know when this is the case? How can you be sure that the purchase you are about to make is of no use? To find out, ask yourself the following 4 questions. Do I really need this product? Is this need urgent? Do I not already have an equivalent product? Will this product provide any new services? The answers to these questions will help you avoid impulse buying and duplicates that, sooner or later, will be stuck in the back of your closet.

Last but not least, consider using the Visa Platinum card during your purchases. It provides numerous advantages in terms of insurance and assistance. For more information, click here.