I remember when I moved to Luxembourg in 2016 after just getting married in India. I was so nervous and under confident about everything. It was then that I got introduced to Mintaah, who was my husband’s senior at business school and a current colleague.
25 June 2023

Mintaah comes from Ghana and is an expat here just like me. It is impossible not to notice her wonderful and enthusiastic aura; she is traditional yet modern, delicate yet strong, vulnerable yet bold, soft yet straight forward – she is a complete fusion of the extremes.

Mintaah is a star but still created an environment of availability for me which helped me grow, learn, and find myself. I understood from her that it is okay to make mistakes along one’s journey of trying new things. I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, all in one person.

Even as an ambitious performer, Mintaah considers helping people to be her highest award, as she continues to support people she knows. She is the best dancer I know, and only watching her perform removes all my worries. Mintaah is full of life which helped me transform from a timid confused girl into a confident outgoing woman. She used casual encounters such as accompanying me to the supermarket and teaching me how to cook jollof to counsel me on boosting my career in a foreign country.

As a huge fashion enthusiast, I find Mintaah always tip-top and in vogue. When I look back into the roots of my 2-year journey with Belinda Fashionista, my visual fashion blog, I proudly admit that Mintaah was and continues to be one of the main inspirations and driving force behind it.

Mintaah has taught me that women can be strong and confident even outside of their comfort zone.

She is a heroine in my life.

Written by Atri Chatterjee